Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 6

One Man Wrecking Ball

By Ben Willoughby

October 24, 2013

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As you would expect, Tadhana is first to complete the swimming, and Aras and Tyson start working on the puzzle before Kat and Katie have reached the trap. Tadhana looks pretty close to finishing before they realize that every one of their pieces has to be moved over a slot, which gives Galang puzzle-solvers Monica and Tina precious catch-up time. And they do! All the Galangs jump up and down while Probst is called over to tell them they do not have it. Tyson and Aras continue working.

Monica and Tina rearrange a piece or two and then the Galangs start jumping and cheering again! Only Probst tells them again that they do not have it. I wonder if Galang will be as excited the third time? Tyson and Aras think they have finished now, and Probst confirms their puzzle is correct. Tadhana win immunity! Picnic for them, Tribal Council for Galang.

The Galangs arrive back at camp. Vytas is incredibly frustrated with Tina and Rupert’s Laura, but of course he can’t actually say anything about it. Tina, who must be pretty confident that she’s staying, says “I’m so sorry, if it’s me tonight I don’t blame ya. If it’s someone else I feel horrible guilt because I feel partly responsible.” Monica says, “You never gave up”.

Poor Vytas is left despondent. “It took everything in me to not let ‘em know how I felt about the mistakes they made. Because, being a man in the midst of only women, whatever they choose to do is going to go down.” What will the women choose?


Kat confirms that the plan for tonight is to vote out Vytas, but she would like to get rid of “the person who won’t stop talking” – Monica. Kat clearly overestimates her own standing, as evidenced by the statement “I’m the one who’s going to kick you out of this game if you don’t stop talking.”

Kat goes to confer with Tina, who says she wants to “keep girl-strong.” Kat says “I think that the girl thing is great, but sometimes Monica makes me worry and I feel like we should vote out Monica instead of Vytas.” Tina’s immediate concern is that she does not want men to out-number women if there is a merge, but in interview Tina talks about how Kat’s loyalty is not as strong as she thought and “that’s just information that needs to be out there for everybody to know.”

So Tina goes to tell Monica that Kat brought her name up, and for some reason she tells Monica while Vytas is right there. Tina explains that it’s about overstrategizing, and Monica complains that “we made a pact, we were going to vote out Vytas, sorry about that, we were going with a girls’ alliance and she’s saying ‘I want Monica gone.’” Monica didn’t even miss a beat apologizing to Vytas, which tells you she wants Kat out immediately.

Monica goes and confronts Kat about her conversation with Tina. Totally busted, Kat claims it was about whether they should tell Vytas he would be going, and Monica asks if there was anything about her. Kat denies it, and Monica says she doesn’t believe Kat’s denial. “People have said that you have brought my name up.”

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