Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 6

One Man Wrecking Ball

By Ben Willoughby

October 24, 2013

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“From who?”

“People have said that you have said my name.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” protests Kat.

Monica interviews about how Kat won’t tell her the truth and she has decided to “do unto others before they do unto you.” Kat interviews that Monica’s dangerous because people actually listen to her.

There’s a bunch of footage of Kat confirming with Rupert’s Laura that the vote is for Vytas and Monica asking Vytas how he would feel about writing Kat’s name down. We don’t see Vytas’ reply of “rapturous.” Tina interviews about how she wants to stick with Plan Vytas, but Kat’s loyalty is seriously in question. I’m not sure I fully understand this argument, because what assurance do they have about Vytas’ loyalty? “Honestly, it is a coin-toss, it is fifty-fifty,” which is exactly what I would say if I wanted to get the pre-Tribal Council camera time.

Anyway, Tribal Council. Probst asks Kat “who is not getting along” after the tribe switch, and she says that there is discord between her and Monica. Kat says that “Monica was looking sort of down, and I went over to talk to her, and the conversation didn’t end up where I thought it would.”


Monica says the conversation was about “the game and trust issues” and she would like to see some trust from Kat. Kat argues that tonight’s vote shouldn’t be about Monica and her, but instead for the greater good of making it to the merge and sticking together. “I genuinely love Monica and I love these girls and I always have their back and if we all make it to the merge I feel like we should always stick together. No offense, Vytas”.

Vytas says that Kat is writing his name down, and “I feel for their relationship, but trust in this game is about sticking with your alliance no matter what,” while he has established good relationships. Kat says that she too has established good relationships and “has all of their backs and they know it.” “Oh Kat, there’s nothing more I want to do than to trust you,” says Monica. Kat is basically pleading at this point.

Vytas stirs the pot by saying “I’m hearing a lot of ‘I’m sorry.’ She’s obviously made some mistakes in building trust with her partners, but I haven’t made any with any one of you.” Vytas is talking about the three days they have spent on the same tribe and ignoring the alliances he built with his former tribe, but he would prefer to focus on the argument that “one of us has demonstrated that she can’t be trusted.”

“That’s not true,” argues Kat. “Just because Vytas comes in and he’s genuine to everyone for 24 hours, we don’t know anything. We do know that I will stay here and I love these people and they know that.”

Probst asks Tina about the two different arguments, and she completely avoids the question by talking about Katie being on her tribe. She says she will make her decision on what gets her further tonight and in the future.

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