Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box

By Ben Willoughby

October 3, 2013

The show helped me realize that I can do much better than Tyson.

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Previously on Survivor, Candice won at Redemption Island and gave her husband a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Because what was she going to do, give it to some total stranger? But even though John played things really, really badly, when Tadhana lost their immunity challenge, out-of-her-depth Rachel was sent to Redemption Island with the intention of getting Tyson to take her place.

Also, Colton got bored and tried to shake things up by saying everyone was saying nasty things about everyone else, but no one would listen to him. In other news, I just noticed that Gervase has a great big “Pagong” tattoo on his arm, and I don’t know why a person would do that. You might as well have “Survivor loser” branded on your forehead. Sixteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Day 7 at Galang, and apparently the most interesting piece of footage is a poll among the Galangs about “the strangest thing seen on sale at a gas station.” Tina says “cupcake belt,” which seems very out of left-field, but it turns out that Tyson is indeed sporting a belt with a cupcake-buckle. Aras complains that it is making them hungry, so Tyson invites people to lick it.

However, Colton is not interested in licking cupcakes from Tyson’s belt-buckle region. He would rather talk about who they have to sit out in a challenge, because that would involve making someone else the tribe pariah. “Yeah, let’s call each other out right now!” mocks Laura? Ha! “No one wants to talk about strategy, they just want to sit around hear each other tell their life stories,” he complains. Again, swapping life stories is something I thought Colton would be into. But no.


Colton says that he thinks they are scared of him, but he is left to whimper on the beach. “Do you think I’m in trouble?” he asks Aras. Aras says “Yes,” but then he fake-encourages Colton by saying that he is not out of the game. “I just wanted to re-define how I played this game, and I feel it’s too little, too late now,” says Colton, who just interviewed that he is frustrated about how he can’t play Survivor the same way he did in his first season.

Aras is forced to buck Colton up by saying that you never know when someone might do something stupid. Colton throws a huge tantrum. He says, “I want to do something stupid now!” before throwing his favorite toy across the room. Okay, he doesn’t really do that, he pleads “Tell me I’ll get a second chance.” “I can’t tell you that,” says Aras, before urging him to relax and enjoy himself. Real comforting, Aras.

Aras interviews that Colton “doesn’t get this game. He thinks this game is about creating chaos.” Colton whines that “unless you’ve got people who are willing to roll with you (by which he means, “act the way I want them to”), there’s not a lot you can do.” Except follow Aras’ advice of waiting for the right moment, which is apparently a non-starter.

Redemption Island. Galang gets their first chance to see the new Tadhana, with Rachel voted out. Tyson looks unhappy.

The three Redemptioners come in and Probst asks Tyson for a reaction. He says that it’s obviously because they wanted to tempt him into switching places with her. I wonder if this makes Galangs like Monica and Kat worry at all that the same thing could happen to them if Galang ever loses a challenge.

Rachel wastes no time in confirming that is what happened, and outs Brad as the ring-leader, saying that “everyone has fallen under his spell.” Well, really they’re all shutting up and letting Brad take the hits, but whatever.

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