Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box

By Ben Willoughby

October 3, 2013

The show helped me realize that I can do much better than Tyson.

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There’s treemail at Galang, and it forecasts a physical challenge between the two tribes. Everyone’s looking forward to this – especially Aras, who says that Vytas has been a bully in his life, and if Vytas could punch Aras when their mother wasn’t looking, he would do it. So Aras wants to beat him. And Vytas owns his bullying before listing all of Aras’ accomplishments – including “best body” in high school – and explaining that Aras always gets to win. “Finally, for once, can I win, please?”

Probst sighting! The challenge takes place out in the water, and the castaways will “square off, one-on-one, sumo-style,” which isn’t true at all because they’ll be using padded bags and won’t be wearing loincloths. But it gets the idea across. Knock the other castaway off the platform and your tribe wins a point. First tribe to five, wins. Castaways are playing for reward as well as immunity – and this week the reward is comfort – tarp, pillows, blanket, mosquito net, hammock. Or they can trade it for some fishing gear. Monica will be sitting this one out.

First up, it’s Gervase and Brad. I have a weird sense that these match-ups are fixed! Gervase puts on a bit of a fight, but Brad is able to knock him off. Next, it’s Rupert’s Laura and Katie. Tina is trying to hide her laughter, because she knows her daughter is going to get crushed. Rupert’s Laura scores.

The bout between John and Aras is tensely fought, with Aras ending up in the water. Kat and Ciera face off next, and they blow kisses at each other. Hayden is tremendously excited to see all this. Anyway, even though Kat is probably the weakest competitor Ciera could have hoped for, she is knocked off with just one shove.

Hayden makes a “big hit” on Tyson. So big that Tyson can’t lift his shoulder and the medical team is called in. The shoulder is popped out “a little” and maybe he has torn a tendon. Apparently, it will get less painful over time, but if Tyson continues in this challenge now, his shoulder could pop out entirely. Unfortunately there are no lockers for him to ram his shoulder against, Riggs-style. Tadhana is up 3-2.


Now it is Tina vs. Katie. “Don’t make me laugh” protests Katie, but after a bit of scrapping Katie is in the water. Tina throws down her padded bag like she’s dropping a mic.

Here’s the one we’ve all been waiting for – Aras and Vytas. We get some smack-talk beforehand, where Vytas declares that Aras has been afraid of him “since he was a little kid,” while Aras wants to “take the bully and put him in the water.”

Vytas slips soon after the fight begins, and when Aras tries to shove him off, Vytas has no option but to turtle. Eventually, Aras steps back and lets Vytas get on his feet. “Go on your own call now,” says Probst but as he stands, Vytas tries to take his younger brother by surprise. Even Probst calls this out as “one of the biggest unsportsman-like moves.” Aras is able to dodge, and eventually shoves Vytas off the platform. Vytas is left to say that he is proud of Aras and that “he’s the college athlete, I’m the junkie.” It’s 4-3 Galang.

And in another mother-daughter match-up we have Laura? vs. Ciera. After Ciera’s embarrassing first showing, I’m convinced that Laura? takes it easy on her daughter to at least make things look competitive (and also, not to hurt her), before pushing her into the water.

Galang! Wins! Immunity! Yet another trip to Tribal Council for you, Tadhana. Someone’s going home! Which woman will it be? Before the break, John talks about how disappointed he is in Ciera. Couldn’t beat her own mother!

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