Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box

By Ben Willoughby

October 3, 2013

The show helped me realize that I can do much better than Tyson.

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Tyson goes over to Rachel and asks her if she had fun while she was here. Rachel says she did, but I reckon she’s looking forward to spending the next 32 days on a beach, eating shrimp and drinking margaritas. Rachel, your time on Survivor is over. Please accept the great honor of tossing your buff on the fire. Everyone claps as she leaves.

Oh, and the hidden immunity idol clue! Candice gives it to John.

Back at Camp Galang, everyone is sad for Tyson. Tyson (Tyson!) is failing to hold back tears as he says that Rachel did say that she had fun, “because it is a game. Too many people take it too seriously and it shouldn’t be, and it ruins their lives and it makes them angry.” And that’s the perfect segue for some Galang discussion of Colton. “Why did he quit?” asks Kat. “Because he didn’t have control of us,” says Rupert’s Laura. Aras agrees, saying that no-one wanted to talk strategy with Colton, and he didn’t want to bide his time, so he quit.”

Monica says that she can only remember all the people complaining about her husband. “That was a strong attack on the Culpepper name,” says Aras. Tyson also volunteers that it is weird with Monica now, because he knows her husband was the reason Rachel was voted out, and also because it was a tactic to get to Tyson. “But he doesn’t know how to play the game, all he’s doing is creating a larger target on his back.”


Over on Tadhana, Brad is asking everyone “am I being a tyrant?” which is exactly the passive-aggressive garbage that actual real-life tyrants do. Everyone says he isn’t, but Brad complains about how everyone is blaming him and no one else, and that with Redemption Island, your dirty laundry comes back to haunt you. Maybe Brad should have thought of that before putting himself forward as the leader and saying “this is who we send because we don’t like your uncle.”

In interview, Brad is still talking about how it’s not fair that Tyson blamed him for voting out Rachel and Marissa described him as a “kingpin, ruling the roost”. “I am,” he is quick to say, “but I’m making everyone else feel that decisions are being made by the group”. That’s pretty funny, because it’s obvious that everyone is keeping their real feelings to themselves.

However, John is remarkably chipper about Brad. He talks with Hayden about what a good leader Brad is, and how effective he is at team-building. “We could not have been dropped in a better position,” he tells Brad, speaking about the tribe that has lost 100% of its immunity challenges so far. Then he goes off to read the clue to the hidden immunity idol. It talks about finding the serpent in the tree and digging and being on the way to the waterfall.

Actually, before John goes, he thinks about how much he likes Brad, and he decides to share the clue with him. Brad suggests they go look for the idol together, but John thinks that would look suspicious to the other guys, and informs Brad that he would prefer to look for it alone. Because that looks totally above-board and not at all shady to Brad. Indeed, Brad does not look happy and interviews about how he’s not sure that John trusts him.

Now it’s time for a commercial promoting The Millers, what is likely to be Will Arnett’s third consecutive sitcom failure. Did you know that The Millers has given a writing gig to last season’s Survivor winner, Cochran? I expect there’ll be a lot of gags about Beau Bridges’ character going Hollywood because he’s wearing sunglasses while grilling meat. Keep those hit shows coming, CBS!

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