Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box

By Ben Willoughby

October 3, 2013

The show helped me realize that I can do much better than Tyson.

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Tribal Council. Probst can’t wait to talk about the challenge and how the manly men scored all of the points. John says that it was about “match-ups, and everyone has to come to the table and win their match-up”.

Probst can’t let it go, and points out to Katie and Ciera that they lost to their mothers! Again! Katie admits that it is frustrating, while Ciera is “embarrassed” and she “feels like you let your team down.”

That avenue is pretty boring, so Probst asks Caleb if there is a men vs. women thing, with the men dominating and the women going home? Males have dominated, duhs Caleb.

But Vytas, is there a male alliance? Vytas says that it’s “not as rudimentary as men vs. women” and that “trust and information” are the currencies on Survivor, and “anything somebody says or does just adds to the information you get about that person.” Probst asks Brad if he is concerned with what Vytas said. Brad complains about how when they go to Redemption Island, he’s the one who gets blamed, and everyone just assumes out of nowhere that he’s a kingpin.

John, Candice gave you a clue and said, “’I’m going to trust my husband knows what to do with this.” What could that mean? John reasonably explains that she trusts him to play the clue in the best way. Poor Candice and her misplaced trust.

Does Vytas wish that he had all these clues? I bet he would because it would mean Aras is stuck on Redemption Island. But he says that he’s happy someone in his alliance has it, and that he is also glad it is not him.


Probst asks Hayden what the chances are that John doesn’t have it? Hayden says it depends on the clues, and that he hasn’t seen the clues. Brad interrupts to add that “you cannot tell the truth all the time,” and “there is only one winner at the end of the day.” It is time to vote, and we only hear Ciera saying “I hope this gets you out of the game because you are a huge threat to me.”

Before Probst “tallies” the votes, he asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. John’s face is full of shame. And the votes are for Ciera, then John, John, John and John. The tribe has spoken, but John will have a chance to get back in this game. He will just have to crush his wife’s hopes and dreams to do it. Sorry John, but at least you won’t have those crushing feelings of guilt any more.

Probst duhs to Tadhana that with every vote they are getting weaker, then sends them packing.

Next time on Survivor, “Brad thinks he’s in control of the game”, which isn’t exactly news. And Candice gives Brad the finger and calls him a child.

Arriving at Redemption Island, John explains to Candice that he was totally blind-sided and he doesn’t really know what happened. Then they make out right in front of Marissa.

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