Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 2

By Ben Willoughby

September 17, 2013

Knoxville represent!

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We resume our look at the upcoming Survivor: Blood vs Water, as we meet the remaining six loved ones and remind ourselves who the other six returnees are.

Laura and Ciera

I have absolutely no memory of Laura. I read her page on the Survivor wiki and then went and watched YouTube clips of her playing Survivor, and I still have no memory of her. I’m not even convinced she was ever on the show. I probably won’t remember her this season either, what with the two Lauras. Anyway, allegedly Laura was on the Samoa season, made the merge and won a couple of individual immunity challenges before overseeing the defeat of her alliance at the hands of Russell, finally going out when another forgettable person didn’t want to pick a rock.

Laura is a mother of three and explains that she is here with her daughter Ciera rather than her two sons because they are yin and yang. “As far as advice, she’s full of it,” says Ciera. There’s more than one way to take that. Laura gushes about her daughter and how she should be herself. “She is just the most likeable, sweet, charming person.” Laura describes herself as more competitive, and that she could have gone for 50 more days in the Samoa season, not that it would help me remember her. But she also notes that being super-competitive is not always a good thing in Survivor. “We always say you took it too far,” says Ciera. Laura repeats the line.

EW asks “How surprised were you?” and I think they were probably as surprised as I was to see them on Survivor. But it appears EW is talking about the lack of Hantzes this season. Laura claims to have forgotten all about it. So I'm not the only one forgetting people.


Laura says that her daughter’s biggest weakness will be missing her family. “The plane ride over tore her up.” Ciera tears up in interview at the mention of her family. Oh dear. Ciera says that her mother’s biggest weakness is her social game, and that she has to learn not to be clique-y. Laura talks about not always having to be right and letting things go.

Are this loving mother and daughter prepared to tear into each other at the final two? “No need, as it will be obvious that I’ll be the winner,” says Ciera. Over Laura? Well, sure.

Assessment: I doubt Laura’s going to overcome her personality this time. She’s going to take it too far. Ciera seems nice, but if she’s crying about missing her family in interview, I don’t think she’s really prepared mentally for this game.

Gervase and Marissa

The Playstation 2 had only been out a week when Gervase first appeared on the first season of Survivor, but he says he remembers it “like it was yesterday” and it was “one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.” He claims that coming out here now it like second nature to him, even though it was 13 years ago and he wasn’t really very good at Survivor. I mean, in Season 1, he was on the tribe that decided it was unfair to have alliances.

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