Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 2

By Ben Willoughby

September 17, 2013

Knoxville represent!

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EW asks the same questions – why are you doing this to someone you love? Tina says that she gave Katie the option, and while she didn’t threaten to disown her, she did say she’d be cut out of the will. Katie agrees that her mother didn’t glamorize things, but did highlight all of the weight she would lose. So Tina’s one of those mothers. When they have the Survivor auction, Tina's going to say “those chicken wing will go straight to your thighs”

Is first to worst playing on Tina’s mind? Tina “absolutely” wants some redemption, and she also wants to do her small town (Knoxville, home of the Sunsphere) proud. When asked if anyone will bring Tina to an end after that Colby did in the All-Stars season, Katie doesn’t think so. When none of the other contestants can match the intellectual and game-playing capacity of Colby Donaldson, you know it’s a weak field. Also, did Colby actually do anything to get rid of Tina? Being on a different tribe and not having much opportunity to exchange words with her tribemates and being focused on his own rivalry with Jerri and all.

Anyway, this season Tina would like to work with the only fellow winner Aras. No matter how much CBS is trumpeting three million-dollar winners this season, I don’t count Rupert. “It would be a dream if the two of us… I mean the three...” Ooops. Poor Katie.

Assessment: Tina will either do really well or really poorly. There’s no middle ground for her. But I don’t think anyone will begrudge her the long-spent million she won 12 years ago. I’d like her to do well, because I didn’t appreciate her game much the first time around and would like another chance to see it. Katie seems nice, but as so much of these interviews are about the returning players and asking the newbies about the returning players, I don’t have much of a read.


Candice and John

This is Candice’s third season on Survivor, which is pretty remarkable given not many people would be able to name a Candice moment from her first two seasons. “Ummm... was there a mutiny of some sort?” Candice was a last-minute replacement for RC, who was going to play with her father this season. They made it all the way out to the Philippines for filming, but unfortunately her father didn’t pass the medical test, and the pair had to be pulled. That sucks for both of them, but most of the complaints about RC not being there are actually about RC’s boobs not being there, which says a lot about RC’s gameplay.

Anyway, Candice is playing with John, her husband of three years, and as her name was Woodcock, she’s made the non-difficult choice to chang her name. Candice and John met shortly after Candice filmed her first season of Survivor (Cook Islands, the one with the racially divided tribes), so John was dating Candice while he was watching her on TV, which must have been awkward.

For Candice, there was only one choice about who to bring, because she and John “finish each other’s sentences.” “Much to her chagrin,” adds John. I don’t think that’s how Candice wanted that sentence to end. Maybe he’s not very good at finishing her sentences? Anyway, Candice has been micro-managing John by force-feeding him a lot of details – how to light a fire, how to lie believably, how to keep stories straight and so on. “The most important thing is not getting caught in a lie,” says Candice, and “Weaving a truth into a lie is key.”

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