Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 2

By Ben Willoughby

September 17, 2013

Knoxville represent!

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Anyway, Colton was on the One World season and became most notorious when he suggested his tribe to go to Tribal Council despite winning a challenge, and vote someone off for being “loud” and “obnoxious.” Many viewers cracked Colton’s secret code where those words actually mean “black.” The worst thing about it was that it worked, with every dope on that tribe, including the bootee, voting to go to Tribal Council, where Colton was forced to admit smirkingly that his only African-American “friend” was his house-keeper. Viewers were robbed of Colton’s inevitable comeuppance and vote-off when he developed appendicitis and was medevac’d the next episode. So here’s hoping for a walk of shame this season.

Colton is playing with his fiancé Caleb, who he has been with for three and a half years. Are they waiting until gay marriage becomes legal in Alabama? Caleb isn’t an avid fan of Survivor like Colton is, but he likes the show.

Colton thinks his reputation from One World will precede him, and his job is to convince these people that he is who he is now. He says that “hindsight is 20/20, a lot has happened since then. I don’t think that was my time I don’t think I deserved to win that season.” He says a lot of stuff about he is a different person blah blah blah, but never actually says how it is that he’s different. It just seems like a lot of stuff he’s saying to the camera, as though his only mistake last time was saying what he thought.

EW also dances around the history by saying that Colton had a “controversial time last time out” and “spoke about that at the reunion about how you had some regrets.” I don’t remember him regretting anything except how persecuted he felt by people failing to understand his country club ways. I do remember him talking smugly about how people stopped watching once he was off the show.


When asked if he wants to show how he has matured, Colton says that once you say “I’ve changed” America stops listening, which is exactly what Colton does not want America to do. He would rather let his actions speak for themselves (fair enough, because he's right that just saying "I've changed" is not credible), and “people can form their own opinions, we know they love to,” which is a pretty brave card for a self-described "bitch with teeth" to play. I guess only Colton can have opinions without being condescended to. Personally, I would love not to have an opinion on Colton.

In another excerpt from the interview, Caleb discusses Colton's biggest weakness - which is "people coming in knowing who Colton is... because of how he played the game last time." Colton talks about how people may perceive this new, allegedly kinder Colton as "fake," and he doesn't want that to happen, but "I don't think I've ever come across as fake. I think people pretty much know that what I'm doing is what you're getting." Because Colton finds harsh opinions charming when they are his opinions.

Colton goes on to say that "I know where I am at in my life," and that Survivor: One World was "a catalyst for a lot of things going on in my life personally." He credits Caleb, who "pulled me up by my bootstraps." "I'm in a good place, I'm really happy... I'm a lot more at peace," which is what people who are confronting unpleasant issues always say when they haven't quite worked through those issues yet.

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