Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 2

By Ben Willoughby

September 17, 2013

Knoxville represent!

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Candice readily admits that John would be a better person to put in front of a jury as he is much more personable and naturally likeable, and to EW she says that one would vote the other out “if it was something we decided.” John won’t be writing Candice’s name down unless they have talked about it, for “sweetening the jury.” They are the first couple to mention this, so they’re probably the first couple to think closely about the game rather than just fantasize about winning it. “Going to the final two” like Rupert and Laura want to, is for chumps.

When asked about Candice’s weakness, John launches into how beautiful, smart and athletic she is, before saying “timing” and that she gets “ants in her pants” and feels she has to make a quick decision, like with the mutiny on Cook Islands and... Candice interrupts to say that’s quite enough on the weaknesses. I wonder if John’s armchair Survivor grinds Candice’s cookies, and it’s half the reason he’s here. “You think you know it all, hot shot?” Candice will say around Day 6.

Is there anyone they would like to work with? John says that Candice knows some people from Heroes vs Villains, so he really should have let her answer. Candice isn’t happy to see Rupert here again, and says “I think we all know why.” I thought I knew just based on Rupert’s behavior, but it turns out Candice flipped on the heroes to ally with Russell Hantz, and later went home because Rupert faked having an immunity idol. So there’s an actual history there.

Assessment: I think Candice will be this season’s Andrea Boehlke. She’s not a bad player who has thought about how to play the game and has learned from past mistakes. Maybe it’ll come together for her but I personally doubt it. John comes across as that “I’m a natural leader” type who never does well on Survivor.


Tyson and Rachel

Tyson is one of three players having their third season, his first being Tocantins and his second – like Rupert and Candice – Heroes vs Villains. He’s probably the only castaway I’m actually looking forward to seeing again, but that’s against a very low bar. Tyson is playing with his girlfriend of five years, Rachel.

Tyson is probably only back because his dry sarcasm makes for good side interviews – even if Tina thinks he is “hateful.” Tyson thinks he was asked to come back just so people could see what sort of woman would date Tyson. I will admit to being not uncurious.

Rachel was “definitely unsure in the beginning” about going on the show, as “Survivor was his thing” and she had never pictured herself doing it. Rachel says that Tyson’s best advice was to be “friends with everyone out there” which is going to be hard if everyone believes you’re telling the camera what a moron the other castaways are. Tyson adds “everybody can be used until they are voted out.” A better Survivor player would have said “everybody can be used, even after they are voted out.”

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