Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 13

Don’t Say Anything About My Mom

By Ben Willoughby

May 9, 2013


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Previously on Survivor, Stealth R Us controlled the game – and continued to with Eddie being the Last Amigo. But instead of ridding us of amigos para siempre, Andrea wanted to target Brenda, and in turn was blindsided herself. Six are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Day 35. Erik wakes up and shakes the sand out of his hair. Eddie interviews about how Andrea went home last night, taking the immunity idol with her. Eddie claims that “all the chicks I hook up with or go after get voted out” as though it’s some elusive mystery rather than some basic function of the game. Note to potential girlfriends of Eddie, not only is he a doofus who has put all sorts of disgusting things in his mouth, but his girlfriends are cursed. Anyway, Eddie thinks he’s a sitting duck.

Eddie and Cochran have a chat, with Eddie saying that he’s probably next going home, Cochran says that he has a chance with immunity challenges and all, and asks “If you win immunity who would be next?” “You,” says Eddie. Cochran wants some clarification about whether that’s who Eddie will vote for or the group. “The group will be voting for,” says Eddie.

Cochran interviews that previously he was sitting back smoking fat cigars comfortable in the knowledge that he’s a “worthless, scrawny, whiny twerp, of course everyone’s going to want to go to the end with me. But now I’m starting to wonder if I can make it to the end of this game, or do I have an expiration date that’s rapidly approaching?” How do those immunity challenge victory struts feel now, Cochran?


Meanwhile, Dawn and Brenda are having a discussion about who goes if Cochran wins. “Cochran,” says Brenda. Erik is on board with this, too. Dawn is tempted to go with Brenda and Erik to the end, but she also knows that it would break her agreement with Cochran. She tells Erik and Brenda that the vote for Cochran would be hard for her, but she knows he’s a big threat to win the game. Dawn interviews that “I have options and I’m going to take responsibility for it in the end, and prove I played a game that was worth a million dollars."

It’s Erik’s 70th day of playing Survivor, and we see him carving a notch in a tree. According to Erik, it’s one of his hardest days yet. He has to have food. The mental strains of the game are showing, as Erik explains how he feels like he is trapped here in a horrible, miserable, beautiful prison. “The most beautiful prison I’ve been in in my life.” How many other prisons has Erik been in? “It’s killing me, it’s absolutely killing me.”

It’s especially galling for Erik to see coconuts hanging from a tree “laughing at him” saying “You can’t get us, you can’t get us." You have to pity Erik here, because it’s actually plausible the coconuts are laughing at him.

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