Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 13

Don’t Say Anything About My Mom

By Ben Willoughby

May 9, 2013


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Day 36. We are not messing around because Probst sighting, immunity challenge, back up for grabs. This is a simple one – the castaways stand on a ledge over water, holding onto a handle while their arms are behind their back. The handle is connected by a rope to a winch, which Probst will crank to extend the rope and lower the castaways further over the water. Probst even has an adorable captain’s steering wheel for the job! Last one left standing wins immunity. Eddie interviews that he is definitely going home tonight if he doesn’t win. Hmmm...

The challenge has been on for ten seconds when Erik, who should still be digesting the mountains of barbecue that he spent all yesterday afternoon eating, asks Probst if he has any food to offer. Nope. “This challenge is designed to test your will,” Probst replies.

After 15 minutes, it’s Probst’s favorite part of the challenge where he cranks the steering wheel over a notch. He probably has pirate fantasies in his head. Eddie goads Cochran to “go first, buddy,” and while Cochran claims he wants to win, he can’t hold on any longer and falls in the water. He is out and has to sit pathetically on Probst’s deck like he’s Probst’s cabin boy.

Time to lower again. Eddie is struggling by now, and falls in after Brenda and Dawn look at him inquiringly. Erik is next, leaving Dawn, Sherri and Brenda in the challenge. I wonder if people will claim this challenge is sexist too. “It’s not fair because those women don’t have their boobs in the way like they should!” Sherri is “slipping... I can’t do it!” and shortly after Dawn tries to cut a deal with Brenda.


Dawn’s pitch is that she hasn’t had one [immunity win], and if she wins she’ll share. Share? There’s only one immunity up for grabs. Brenda doesn’t want to, claiming that she would prefer to keep going and test herself, and she doesn’t have three hours in her like that other challenge. This is great for Probst, who gets to lower them a notch further. “Two women who did not spend time with their loved ones battling it out!” Eventually Brenda is true to her word, because she can not hang on any more and Dawn wins immunity!

Probst presents Dawn with her necklace “for the first time in her Survivor career” even though she did win immunity in her original season (one of two immunity necklaces in a post-merge coconut-balancing challenge). But Dawn doesn’t fact-check Probst, as she is relieved to be safe and seeing Day 37. One of the others, Eddie, is going home. Before the commercial, Brenda gives an odd interview about how she never wants to give up, but it’s not a bad thing that she lost because keeping “someone as paranoid as Dawn” has benefits too.

Everyone arrives back at camp, where Brenda reiterates that the whole point of the immunity challenge was not to let Eddie win. “I think it is a straightforward vote tonight,” and after Eddie they plan to take out Cochran. “It’s a perfect plan and if we stick to it everything will go amazing.” Foreshadowing.

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