Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 13

Don’t Say Anything About My Mom

By Ben Willoughby

May 9, 2013


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Meanwhile, Cochran is interviewing that if he had his pick he would get rid of Brenda, and it would benefit him and his alliance of Dawn and Sherri but everyone else is so gung ho about getting rid of Eddie. He talks with Sherri about how they are guaranteed final four now, but then he mentions a scenario that he has been running through but doesn’t think Dawn will go for. Sherri asks if she can guess the scenario and says “blind-side Brenda tonight, because she will never see it coming.” So Sherri was already there.

Cochran interviews about how Brenda is a big threat and could go on an immunity streak and how he wants to make sure it doesn’t happen. So he and Sherri go to speak with Dawn, who readily agrees that Brenda is a big threat. “But if Eddie wins the last challenge, and then we are left at the mercy of Eddie’s decision-making.” Her tone suggests that Eddie’s decision-making is not very sound. “Do you think Eddie staying in the game is a big threat?” Dawn runs through “Brenda’s stayed the course, everything has fallen into place, so I’m guessing in her mind she’s thinking ‘Eddie can go today and Sherri or Cochran next’. We knew it was going to get hard.”

“I didn’t play my own game last time,” says Dawn “and I’m trying to and this is a point where there’s a fork.” They go through the worst case scenario. Dawn says that “we take Eddie out tonight, and then deal with this exact same thing tomorrow.” “We can stick with Eddie then,” Cochran gives the weakest opt-out-if-you-want suggestion before burrowing his face in his hands and saying how tantalizing it would be to get rid of Brenda.

Dawn interviews that she wants to vote out Eddie but feels like Brenda is the biggest strategic threat in the game and her approach has always been to take out the biggest strategic threat, and with only three votes left it may be tricky. Sure, after tonight’s vote and this other vote, there’ll only be one vote left! Dawn says that she is swayed by Cochran’s emotion, and last time she left her game in his hands and went home before him. She’s confused.


Tribal Council. And here are the members of the jury, including Andrea, who has made a special effort to dress up tonight. I guess we won’t be hearing Eddie say anything but “Mmmmuhhhh...” this Tribal Council. Also, Reynold has shaved his moustache.

Dawn is wearing the immunity necklace for the first time. She feels great. “It feels good to come to Tribal Council and just breathe, and not worry so much.” She is proud she can say “I did that, I trained for this game and came and did it, like a bucket list thing.” Brenda repeats the line that she was okay with Dawn winning because “I wanted her to win it, without me just jumping off.”

Is Eddie feeling the pressure? He thinks he is going home for sure. Probst calls Eddie out on how many times he has said that, but Eddie says “my One Amigo fuse is running a little short lately.”

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