Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 13

Don’t Say Anything About My Mom

By Ben Willoughby

May 9, 2013


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Probst recaps the dilemma and “Of course I’m going to give it to them,” says Brenda. Probst hands the product-placed phone to the people going on reward to record some once-in-a-lifetime memories, though I’m sure that everyone on that boat has better phones with better service providers too. “Enjoy your afternoon of love,” says Probst. Creepy.

On the reward, Cochran talks about how he first started watching Survivor in the summer of 2000 when he was 13 watching the first season of Survivor with his mother. His entire puberty was spent watching the show, and it has all led up to this. “And to share this with someone you love, you can’t beat it."

Then he mocks his dad, who in real life is a bookish neurologist, but for some reason is working the grill and wearing sunglasses. Cochran wonders if his Dad has gone Hollywood, because Hollywood is about sunglasses? And grilling? I think there’s a little bit of “how come you never barbecue when we’re at home, just the two of us?” in there. Meanwhile, Eddie’s mom wants to fatten him up. I feel momentarily bad for all the mean things I’ve said about Eddie, who I genuinely think is a nice person.

Brenda gazes out at the pontoon and everyone partying. Dawn goes off to cry and violently break bamboo for the fire. She interviews that she is exhausted and hungry and the game is breaking her down. Everyone waves from the pontoon to encourage Brenda and Dawn, but I’m sure that just makes it sting harder.


Dawn is not taking it easy, because she feels that Brenda has earned all this good favor from her gift and that having to spend time with “people who are full and have seen their loved ones for the whole afternoon makes me want to spit!” Brenda is supportive, urging Dawn to let it all out and knowing that she will be stronger after this. But Dawn is all, “I just want to eat, I’m so mad, I don’t even have a coconut.” How have these people eaten every coconut on this tropical island? They certainly seem really hungry this season. “Four days from now, we’re going to have big smiles on our faces, I guarantee you that,” comforts Brenda.

Brenda interviews that she’s praying this was the right move, but “Dawn is devastated” and “Dawn is livid.” Dawn is Dawn’s jealous rage. We cut back to Brenda bright-siding it with Dawn, suggesting that “in a couple of days we will be cracking up about it.” Brenda explains to the camera about the “double-edged sword” of anything big in this game, that “it could mean I’ll never vote out Brenda because I owe her or boom! downfall.”

Eventually, the lucky castaways wade back from the reward and thank Brenda, and Cochran interviews about this sense of Brenda suddenly being indomitable. His mother even said to him “Brenda’s going to win this game.” Cochran explains that the more likable and more untouchable Brenda is, the more people will want her out. “We are at the point in the game where likability is a liability.” Cochran claims to know this from experience, but it’s probably not personal experience. He also says that Brenda will experience it soon if he has any say in it.

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