Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 12

The Beginning of the End

By Ben Willoughby

May 3, 2013

2 of these people have been eliminated. Also, we miss Malcolm.

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The title for this episode is “The Beginning of the End.” Amen. And with so many other sound bites to choose from, the producers went with that as the title. They must be looking forward to Season 27 already.

Previously on Survivor, it was the Three Amigos against the six former members of Stealth R Us, who were only too pleased to see the backbone of their alliance voted out. There was a Survivor auction, which is always fun, and it included a clue to a hidden immunity idol for which Malcolm paid $480 and completely failed to capitalize on.

At Tribal Council, Eddie and Reynold saw “yet another chance slip through their fingers” as Malcolm was voted out. Probst would have you believe that the story arc for this season is all about Reynold and Eddie. Eight are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Everyone arrives back at camp and the former Stealthers are loudly congratulating each other. “Job well done,” “Big move,” etc. Reynold is less obnoxious, even though he puts on a big “You and me, Eddie.” Andrea laughs.

Reynold tries out some of his psychological tricks by saying he thinks he can win five immunities in a row. Convincing, after his massive one-out-of-four immunity streak. Sad if he believes this could work. Unless he actually believes it, which would be even sadder. Eddie thinks he could chip in an immunity victory or two, missing the point. Andrea reassures him, “you’re still here.” We get an interview from Eddie saying, “I’m still here.”


Andrea and Cochran have a quick conference, where Cochran reassures the ever insecure Andrea that no way will Reynold win five immunity challenges in a row. Not with beefy challenge monsters like Cochran around, he gratefully does not say.

Cochran interviews that the “fans” are desperate and have no power, which rests with the “favorites”. He says that his goal at this point is to take as much power in the game as possible, and to do it without any remorse or reservations. Cochran feels that he would scare his mother if she saw him now. He claims not to be the “Harvard nerd trembling in the bushes” from his first season. Though he is saying this while sitting in the bushes.

The next morning, we’re moving things right along with tree-mail about another immunity challenge. Erik interviews about how devastating it was to have an immunity challenge instead of reward, because Erik is extraordinarily hungry! But he also says they need to vote Reynold off.

Probst sighting! “Come on in, guys.” It’s a windy day and Probst even points out admiringly that Cochran is shirtless as he removes the immunity necklace! Then he points out how Cochran was afraid to go skins in his first season, so that the cool guys like Eddie and Reynold won’t think he’s slobbering over a pitiful nerd like Cochran. No weakness in front of the other dudes!

The challenge asks the castaways to balance on a triangular platform out in the water. There are tiny footholds on the side to stand on, and they have to move up footholds every 15 minutes until they reach the top. Last person left standing wins immunity, and also some information to help them in this game. Reynold interviews that he is “#1 on the hit list and I have to win." Do we think this immunity challenge is suited to top-heavy, carrot-shaped men like Reynold?

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