Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 12

The Beginning of the End

By Ben Willoughby

May 3, 2013

2 of these people have been eliminated. Also, we miss Malcolm.

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I’ve seen some talk that this challenge was inherently unfair because it is dominated by small-footed women, while men with big feet are left at a disadvantage. It’s no less unfair than every other challenge we see that focuses on strength - which is pretty much every challenge. Even though they have made some challenges more even by, say, making them proportional to body weight like the immunity challenge last week, someone with upper body strength is still going to perform better in that challenge than someone without it. The people complaining are basically saying “Oh no, the one challenge that isn’t weighted in my favor is unfair!” while ignoring every advantage the game gives them.

Anyway, Brenda interviews that it’s okay that she didn’t win because one of Eddie and Reynold are going home. Normally I would say for a certainty this means that neither Reynold or Eddie are going home, but it’s just so obvious that one of them is. Nice try, Survivor editors, but no dice.

Reynold gets another interview. “It’s basically Reynold’s eulogy now, but if they’re smart, boom, now’s the time to strike and blind-side.” Sure, that’s why they’re voting you or Eddie out – because they’re stupid. It’s the only possible explanation why they won’t keep Reynold in the game and let Reynold win! Such dummies! “Unfortunately, I’m not the conductor right now,” he says with this world-weary air.


Anyway, Andrea seems a wee bit peeved that Brenda made her “stand on a perch for hours” and she still has to share her stupid hidden immunity idol clue with her. Well, that’s what the information she won at the challenge is. Andrea decides to tell her whole alliance about the clue so she won’t seem suspicious and they all go off to look for it. Erik finds it, which must make Malcolm shiver a bit, and holds it out for everyone to see. Andrea takes it.

Cochran is mentally face-palming here. Cochran was looking forward to controlling Erik and his idol, but “before I can start celebrating, he’s handed the idol over to Andrea. Does he learn nothing?” Well, Erik was in kind of a bad position. Andrea told all her alliance about the idol clue and they all went off into the jungle to look for said idol, and when Erik finds it he’s supposed to say “Tough break, suckas! This is my idol!”? It would make him an instant target and everyone would have to take a side. And it’s completely against Erik’s under-the-radar, make-me-the-swing-vote strategy.

Anyway, now that Andrea has immunity times two, she has immediately switched from insecure to triumphant. Sure she wants to get Reynold out of the game, but she’d also like to blind-side someone before it happens to her. She is right there at the tree the immunity idol was buried under when she says this. Instant turnaround. Cochran, Andrea and Sherri sit on the beach in the shallows and have the conversation we saw in the preview where Andrea is talking about it. "If you had to blind-side someone, who would it be?” She thinks either Dawn or Brenda. Following is the Cochran interview about how this is “the beginning of the end” for the six.

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