Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 12

The Beginning of the End

By Ben Willoughby

May 3, 2013

2 of these people have been eliminated. Also, we miss Malcolm.

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But Andrea joins in. “When you know what you are capable of, and you know you can lie and deceive people, you know that the people you’re playing with can do it to you.” “Have you thought about this?” asks Probst. “Oh yeah,” confirms Andrea, “it only takes one person to flip over and I’m gone.” Why do these people feel compelled to spill their guts to Probst? If anyone was not thinking Andrea would turn on them, they certainly are now. She goes on: “All of a sudden, numbers are dwindling, and there are a lot of very capable people around.” Even Erik is probably thinking it now.

Eddie says “if you look at these six, they are all major players.” I think he really believes it, too. Probst asks Andrea about how they have reached the place in the game where they start thinking “who do I want left in this game?” Andrea talks about Reynold and Eddie’s backs being against the wall and with their votes “you could get out a Dawn, a Cochran, an Erik or a Brenda." “Or an Andrea,” Probst points out. “Not tonight, though,” she says.

It’s time to vote. We only see Brenda’s vote for Reynold. “I think things would have gone better for you if you’d been a little bit more humble in this game”. Oooooh, burn! From the castaway who never says anything! More confirmation that the Survivor editors hate Reynold.

Probst goes to “tally” the votes. Erik. Sherri. Huh? Did Reynold and Eddie not even talk to each other about who to vote for? Then, Reynold. Eddie. Reynold. Eddie. Reynold, Reynold. Reynold fist-bumps Eddie and tells everyone about what a blast it has been.


His confessional continues in true Reynold style, about how he put his trust in a lot of people and it wasn’t reciprocated, and he ran out of rabbits to pull out of hats. Did we see him pull any rabbits out of hats? He got in that position by assuming an alliance of four would be enough to dominate. He burned his first immunity idol, and gave his second to Malcolm to burn. I suppose it’s to his credit that he was able to stay around this long, but a big reason for that is that his enemies always had someone else more important to get rid of.

Thanks for being this season’s punching-bag, Reynold, but it was well-deserved. I wonder how it will be bunking with Malcolm at Ponderosa? There’ll probably be a conversation along the lines of “Help yourself to the Mane n’ Tail all you want, but don't even look at the Verticoli...”

The castaways arrive back at camp. “It’s surreal, only seven left,” Andrea squeals. “The gun-slingers take out another victim,” Cochran says in a moment alone with Andrea. Sounds like Stealth R Us rubbed off on Cochran. Andrea is relieved to be rid of Reynold, but is still disappointed that “we didn’t make a big move tonight." So next up, she wants a blind-side.

Andrea is discussing her position with Cochran. “If we don’t do it, they’re gonna do it to us,” she insists. Which is why she spoke about it for about ten minutes at the tribal council we just saw. She still thinks it should be Dawn or Brenda. Brenda because she’s good in challenges and has not pissed anyone off. Dawn because she’ll turn on anyone. But Brenda should go first.

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