Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 12

The Beginning of the End

By Ben Willoughby

May 3, 2013

2 of these people have been eliminated. Also, we miss Malcolm.

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Andrea tells Eddie of the plan to vote out Brenda. She says it is supposed to be him tonight, but it is really going to be Brenda. Eddie, who has been tricked so many, many, many times already, believes Andrea for the simple reason that she has no reason to lie to him now. He claims it is the first time he’s going in with an idea of who’s going home. Can foreshadowing cast a darker shadow than this? We all know Eddie’s streak of cluelessness cannot end.

Cochran is still pushing the Eddie vote with Andrea, arguing that he would win in front of a jury, even though everyone thinks he’s a clueless lunkhead with no game who quit a challenge for donuts not 24 hours ago. But after Andrea insists it should be Dawn or Brenda, Cochran tells Dawn, Sherri and Brenda. “She [Andrea] is banking on Eddie. She wants to go to the final three with him.” “She’s going to have to go,” says Dawn.

Cochran, because he’s the only person we ever see discuss the strategic aspects of the game, lays it out pretty succinctly by saying, “I admire Andrea for having a game plan,” but “if I’m not part of your plan, Andrea, you’re not going to be a part of mine.” With Dawn and Sherri he talks about splitting the vote between Andrea and Eddie, just in case Andrea plays the idol. Then Cochran brings Erik up to speed and says the thing is to make Andrea feel completely safe, followed by the now ritualized speech of “now I have to trust Erik and that’s really scary."


Later, Andrea is telling Erik that it will be Brenda tonight. She doesn’t point to a name or anything. Andrea tells Erik that she would love to go to the end with him, and Erik says “the other thing too is that we have the hidden idol”, which is a pretty smart way to mention it. If Andrea thinks Erik thinks he has a share in the idol, he won’t be voting for her. Erik interviews that Andrea owes him a solid because he helped her find the idol, and that Cochran hasn’t promised him final three. So everyone’s at his mercy! He claims to be in control of the game and will do whatever’s best for him.

Tribal council! Reynold has shaved his beard, and now he has a total porn-stache. So now we know he’s the type of guy who finds that funny. Not that it’s a huge leap or anything. Phillip continues to sulk.

Eddie, who I don’t think can say anything original and relies on things he remembers from the last three days, talks about “timing” and “perfect night for a blind-side."

Probst asks Brenda what happens if there is not a big move tonight and it gets down to the alliance of six. Brenda says that people will start lying and feelings will be hurt. Sherri says that people are lying to her already. Cochran joins in, saying that multiple people have promised to go to the end with him when they haven’t meant it, and he’s been just as guilty of that.

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