Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 12

The Beginning of the End

By Ben Willoughby

May 3, 2013

2 of these people have been eliminated. Also, we miss Malcolm.

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Everyone is in position. “All you have to do is balance on a very uneven platform, in the water, with the wind blowing,” Probst helpfully summarizes. Probst really wants this challenge to end quickly, so he immediately offers up a plate of donuts. “Go for it, Eddie,” urges Dawn. “What kind of donuts are they?” asks Eddie. Eddie really isn’t getting any brighter. Probst obligingly takes a bite of donut.

Erik says that if Eddie doesn’t do it, he will. “I’ll do it with you,” Eddie tells Erik. Reynold tells Eddie “It’s OK.” The “bro” is understood between bros. Eddie and Erik dive off the platform and swims over to the donuts. When asked if it is worth it, he says he doesn’t know yet. While he already has a mouthful of donut. Dummy. “You’ll find out,” laughs Andrea.

After 15 minutes, the remaining castaways get a chance to sit down while moving up a level on the platform. Cochran is looking pretty wobbly at this point, and he quits when Probst has three hot dogs and soft drink to give away. “My thighs are about to burst,” he says. For a hot dog? No one responds at all except Reynold with a “Do it, Cochran,” and Probst points out that Cochran got “no love from any of them.” Cochran gets a self-justifying voice-over about how he couldn’t last much longer so the audience can believe he wasn’t really a quitter.

The next position change is the last one, because now everyone is standing at the very top of their platform. Brenda has a very uncomfortable-looking squat technique, and Probst congratulates Reynold and Dawn on surviving close calls. Sherri is “shaking all over but still there,” which is probably the nicest thing Probst has said about Sherri challenge-wise.


There’s a sudden gust of wind, and Dawn is out. Then Sherri is out. Reynold makes a “huge recovery.” “He’s not gonna go down easy... ladies.” Nice recovery yourself, Probst. Reynold goes through a series of gymnastic combobulations and makes “another incredible recovery,” which does actually look pretty good but I already saw it in previews. It doesn’t last. Reynold does a series of weird balancing movements that Mr. Bean himself would be proud of before falling into the water.

Andrea and Brenda are left and they have to figure out whether to compete. “I’ll share the clue with you if you jump off,” says Andrea. But Brenda says that she would prefer Andrea beat her than step off. Andrea feels the same. “Are you worried or something?” Brenda asks. When is Andrea ever not worried? Andrea claims that it’s because she hasn’t won yet. So they continue.

Three hours have elapsed. Let me say that again. Three hours have elapsed, and the challenge is still going. Probst is anxious to hurry things along, and when Andrea and Brenda tentatively agree to stand on one leg from now on, he jumps at it. “Your rule, not mine!” he hand-washes. Turns out Brenda isn’t as good at balancing on one leg, and she falls off. Andrea! Wins! Immunity! And reward in the form of information in this game. Triumphant music plays as she receives her immunity necklace.

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