Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 11

Come Over to the Dark Side

By Ben Willoughby

April 25, 2013

Never ever ever claim you're taking control of the game.

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Previously on Survivor, there were the Three Amigos and the “unbreakable” seven of Stealth R Us. But the Three Amigos were ready to make a big move, and you know how Probst loves big moves. I imagine him making pelvic thrusts all through his voiceover.

Anyway, Reynold won immunity (pelvic thrust!), Malcolm found another idol (bigger pelvic thrust!) and then played both his idols (pelvic thrust so big that Probst throws his back out!) to protect Eddie. Malcolm declared that Phillip was the “fun sponge," but only Erik decided to vote with the Three Amigos so even though Phillip is gone they are still down 5-4 at best. And Erik is flaky, so 5-3 really.

I’ve read a few interviews by the departed Phillip about the reasons why Malcolm voted him out – basically Phillip’s version of events is that Malcolm thought Phillip was going to win the game, and that’s why he blew two hidden immunity idols to get Phillip out. It is no surprise that Phillip thinks Malcolm's reason for engineering his elimination was “Phillip is too awesome."

But more realistically is that last week’s Tribal Council was basically a Hail Mary pass by Malcolm. He felt he needed to do something that would change the game, and getting rid of the guy who everyone wanted to take to the end would certainly get everyone to re-think their strategy. I’m not saying it was a perfect strategic play by Malcolm, but it’s the strategy he went with and it wasn't a horrible one given his limited options.


Phillip was never in danger of ruining Malcolm’s game by winning it for himself, but Phillip could have ruined it by being the obnoxious character he created so that he would make it to the end. Anyway, will the Hail Mary pass work? Probably not, because there are plenty more potential Phillips left in the game.

The castaways arrive back at camp. They all seem remarkably chipper for a group who just had a divisive Tribal Council where the leader of their alliance was basically blind-sided. It’s almost as though they are not really that unhappy Phillip is gone! “What a night. That was incredible. You did a good job,” congratulates Dawn, while giving Reynold a hug.

Reynold tells everyone that it was worth three immunity idols to get Phillip off the island and Andrea breaks out laughing. Cochran will just be glad if he never hears the phrase “Stealth R Us” again. “Thank God,” says more than one person. Dawn and Andrea, I think. Eddie declares that he did not actually dislike Phillip, except for Phillip’s head and ego being too big to fit under the shelter. I wonder what Eddie thought about Phillip’s id?

Anyway, Malcolm interviews that with Phillip gone, he hopes that the six will fracture and one or two of them will “come over to the dark side with me and the Three Amigos." Full respect to Malcolm for admitting that his alliance is evil. He also realizes that if those six stick together, he doesn’t have a chance in this game.

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