Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 11

Come Over to the Dark Side

By Ben Willoughby

April 25, 2013

Never ever ever claim you're taking control of the game.

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Next item! Brenda, who has missed out on everything she has bid on so far, bids $300 on what turns out to be pig brains. That’s what happens when you take risks, Brenda. She tries a bite before remembering she doesn’t eat pork. “It’s good for you, right?” she asks Probst. “I have no idea,” says Probst. So much not caring at this auction.

Next item, letters from loved ones, available to anyone willing to spend $20. Sucks to be you Dawn, Sherri and Malcolm.

The last item is covered and comes with a twist. Brenda bids $180 and Eddie wins with $200 and it turns out to be a big tub of peanut butter, to be shared by the entire tribe. They have 60 seconds to dig in and they don’t need much encouragement to shovel scoopfuls into their mouths. Sherri peanut butter-fingers Cochran in a phrase you didn’t want to read and I didn’t want to write. “You see that?” Cochran showboats to Probst. “How often does that happen?” “More often than you’d think!” Apparently Cochran isn’t as worried about oral herpes as he was in his first season.

Before we go to break, Dawn gives a grumbling interview about how everyone is freaked out about the wealth of idols played at the last Tribal Council and now they have another idol clue. “Because of that arrogance,” she spits, “they’ll give a sense of ‘whatever they do, we’ll outplay them’ so go with us."


Back at camp after the break, everyone still has peanut butter smeared all over their hands and face and they are still licking it off, and scraping it into a bucket for later. Reynold gives one of his glass-half-full interviews about how morale is a complete 180 from before the auction. All of the letter readers make plans to sit on the beach, and there is yet another (!) interview with Brenda, who has tears streaking down her peanut-buttered face. Even Cochran starts blubbing in relief that he is not an emotion-less Survivor-playing robot after all.

Malcolm looks awkward, like he wants to sneak away and look for the idol – which is totally what he should be doing while everyone is distracted! He doesn’t, though. Instead he and Reynold start talking with Sherri. “Keep hanging tough and stick with us,” says Reynold, as though he and Sherri have not been nemeses from Day 1. Reynold is the Chevy Chase of the Three Amigos. “You all better pull something out of your butt,” is what Sherri tells him.

Anyway, Reynold tells Sherri that with her and Erik, the Three Amigos could go all the way. “We need to talk,” Sherri says. “Not right now,” says Malcolm, because everyone is sitting down on the beach in near-earshot. “Think we’ll be able to get her?” Reynold asks Malcolm later. Malcolm says “yes, but let me deal with it." Ha! Eddie and Reynold are assigned to work on Erik, which indicates Malcolm thinks working on Erik would be a waste of time.

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