Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 11

Come Over to the Dark Side

By Ben Willoughby

April 25, 2013

Never ever ever claim you're taking control of the game.

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Erik tells Reynold that he is with the Three Amigos in the vote, and then interviews he is about how exciting and terrifying it is to play both sides. We see him playing the other side as Dawn says “We’re putting all our trust in you, Erik." The Stealth R Us vote plan is for the guys and Andrea to vote for Malcolm, the rest of the women will vote for Reynold and they will vote for Malcolm on the re-vote. Cochran is tempted to just do a straight vote, and when Andrea says it is safer to split, suggests that it would be more disastrous if something went wrong.

Andrea interviews that it’s hard putting her faith in Erik, especially as he was “fooled by a girl” last time and might decide it is safer to bro down. But ultimately she doesn’t think he is “dumb enough to flip." I wouldn’t say that. What I would say is that Erik is an emotional player, and that players like Dawn and Andrea are better at building emotional bonds with guys like Erik than Eddie and Reynold are.

Erik demonstrated this in his interview just before, when he talked about how he is at a fork in the road, and he won’t really make his mind up until the vote. This is why nobody really wants to play with Erik. He doesn’t want to talk strategy, he always wants to play both sides and he is unpredictable. The things that he sees as his strengths in the game are actually weaknesses.

Meanwhile Sherri interviews that “Neither side knows that this is my game right now. I’m the one calling the shots. They don’t get it!” Ha! I don’t know about that, but she’s better at playing both sides that Erik is. Sherri then confronts Erik with a “we need to talk”. Erik looks bewildered and afraid. “What’s going on?” Sherri asks. We don’t learn from Erik because...


Tribal Council. Probst asks Reynold if anything is shaking after last time. Reynold claims that Phillip’s departure marked a new chapter in the game and that it’s not necessarily six on three anymore, because people know they have to “make moves." Why does Reynold feel compelled to tell the truth at Tribal Council? Is Probst going to slap him for telling lies?

Does this worry Andrea? In theory, but she says that anyone flipping will just be shut out by the Three Amigos later in the game. Probst points out that Cochran has won half the challenges so far, and she has to recover a little bit.

Probst says to Sherri that the rationale could be “I’m not getting to the end with the six because I already feel like I’m on the bottom." Sherri says it has crossed her mind, and she doesn’t really know where she sits with the six. Dawn adds that “everyone feels vulnerable and makes decisions as though they are on the bottom. In Sherri’s case, I hope she’s not thinking that.” Dawn’s speaking from experience there. That is one thing that Stealth R Us have done really well throughout their alliance – aside from Malcolm and Corinne, no one has really known where they are on the pecking order. Everyone, even people who were originally outside the alliance like Erik and Brenda, seems to think they are at the top or close to it.

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