Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 11

Come Over to the Dark Side

By Ben Willoughby

April 25, 2013

Never ever ever claim you're taking control of the game.

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Probst asks Malcolm about the clue he got at the Survivor auction, and all he really says is that it was “a fun day”. Andrea says the speculation is that it was a clue to a hidden immunity idol, and she is “80% sure” that he has it. After Probst asks a stupid question about why they are all so worried about idols, Dawn says that it’s because there are so many in the game. Duh!

Erik, are you concerned that someone could be flipping. Erik gives a non-answer about how someone could want to “trade up." Probst asks basically the same question to Cochran. Cochran sets out a hypothetical where they split the vote, someone flips and it’s 4-4 next week, but that’s a non-answer, too. Andrea says she is nervous tonight, but it’s important to trust the people you are with.

It’s time to vote. We see Reynold vote for Andrea, Dawn vote for Reynold and Cochran vote for Malcolm, saying “voting you off would be so delicious, it would be indescribably delicious, it would just be...”, then making a finger-kissing gesture.


No one is playing a hidden immunity idol tonight, which makes Andrea and Cochran share a smile, and the votes are Reynold. Malcolm. Andrea. Times three. It’s a three way tie, if you count the vote for “Reynold’s” as being for Reynold. Seriously? Reynold’s what? So we get a re-vote, with Cochran makes the same finger-kissing gesture in the voting booth, so bye-bye Malcolm. And when Probst “tallies” the votes, they are all for Malcolm. Cochran smiles, and Dawn whispers, “huge." “Best of luck, guys,” says Malcolm after his torch is snuffed. Then while making the walk of shame “I need a drink." Probst gives Reynold and Eddie a pep talk even though their days are clearly numbered.

Next time on Survivor, there’s a balancing immunity challenge that has Probst slobbering all over Reynold! Your first clue that this promo is full of lies is the claim from Probst: “Reynold is the biggest threat in the game!” And there are suggestions that the former Stealth R Us might splinter, with Andrea asking if Brenda or Dawn should go first and Cochran saying it’s the beginning of the end for the six. Do not believe Next Time on Survivor’s lies!

Malcolm’s final words are about the mocking he will get back home for not finding the idol, and regret that “as soon as you think you have the game figured out, you’re going home." Then next time, Malcolm – because there will be a next time – don’t make brash interviews about taking control of the game! You may be the best “bartender” to ever play the game, but you’ve only yourself to blame. Well, you and Corinne.

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