Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part II

Perception Is Not Always Reality Part II

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 15, 2012

I would just like to say

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Troyzan begins with "congratulations!", which is surprising. He immediately focuses on Kim, the person with whom he has a "real beef." Like Michael, he is self-absorbed but unlike Michael, Troyzan doesn't have the excuse of youth. He too focuses upon the events that led to his demise, querying Kim about when she planned his elimination. She confidently states, "Taking Jonas out of this game." This should be common sense but even to this moment, Troyzan STILL has not deduced that this battle was always men against women.

Either way, Troyzan and Jay formed an alliance with Kim on day 13. She broke it and they are both on the jury. Jay may overlook this since he always thought the women were tight. Troyzan will not be so forgiving. He makes a kind remark to Sabrina, which indicates she will be receiving his vote. At this point, we are struggling to find a vote for Chelsea, which is not representative of the way she played this season. If Kim had been eliminated early on, Chelsea would have done just as well. She is being incorrectly judged as an understudy rather than a lead.

Kat is last to go, and her comments are the most surprising. She reveals what those of us who keep up with the casting already knew. Kat had two different open heart surgeries by the age of 12 and is facing another one within the next year or so. Because of this outlook on life, she refuses to be the snide, bitter jury member who talks about rats and snakes and "Don't be stupid, stupid". Instead, she reveals her infirmity and encourages positivity, making this the most upbeat final jury in the show's decade long history.


When the jury members vote, the result is a foregone conclusion. There wasn't the angry tone needed for an upset to occur. Instead, Kim is confirmed as one of the greatest players of all time when she claims the 7-2 vote. Only Leif and total jackass Troyzan prevent this from being a perfect vote. In our estimation, Kim has completed (at worst) the second best season ever for a new player and we will be debating her season vs. Yul's for quite some time.

To a larger point, Survivor: One World started in hideous fashion as the women were utterly inept at the start. Then, there were several of the lowest moments in the show's history as Colton demonstrated every form of hatred known to man. After karma struck him down (Hey Karma! Next time, aim for the heart or the brain), the season involved into one of the least exciting ever due to the loyalty and overall integrity demonstrated by the women. Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim are all among the most noble participants in the history of the show, comporting themselves in heroic fashion in the face of extreme adversity. While none of this was sexy and long time viewers of Survivor have been complaining about the vanilla nature of it, we were pleased to see that sometimes nice people finish first. And second and third.

PS: For all the berating we did of Alicia during the season, she did what Colton failed to do during the post-show live interviews. She demonstrated sincere regret for her actions, particularly with regards to Christina. With this, she redeemed herself by learning from her experiences. For a season featuring Colton, there was a lot of personal growth demonstrated from start to finish.

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