Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part II

Perception Is Not Always Reality Part II

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 15, 2012

I would just like to say

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While we temporarily regret questioning Christina's "Don't try until the last day" strategy, even the weather favors Kim. Christina is forced to stop until a gust stops her stack of bowls from tilting dangerously. This opportunity allows Kim to take command of the challenge. On her tenth bowl, Kim does almost blow it when her bowl strikes a metal ring and shakes the foundation of the structure. Fate is on her side, though. Kim's structure steadies and she places the final bowl. The best player this season wins her fourth immunity challenge out of the last five, guaranteeing that Christina will be going home.

Survivor: One World is in unprecedented territory here as not only will the final three participants be women but also the three strongest players this season.

When the women return to camp for the last time, Christina asks for the truth. Kim gives it to her straight, and this leads to a thought process from Christina that infuriates Probst when discussed later. Christina enters the acceptance phase, not bothering to put up a fight to reach the final vote. Kim confides to the camera that she is shocked by Christina's calmness over losing.


At Tribal Council, Probst is not the only person horrified by the reveal that Christina is not fighting back. This reinforces all of the opinions by the jury members that Christina is wishy washy and weak. Several of them shoot baleful looks at the woman in the position they all covet: still in the game. Christina is a very attractive, very intelligent woman who simply has not cared about winning Survivor enough this season.

Since there have been truly evil people in the competition, we have generally given Christina a pass on this, but Herm Edwards' Law applies. "You play to win the game! Hello?!" Fourteen players have been eliminated; eight of them are current onlookers feeling overwhelming frustration. And Christina doesn't care that she is about to be eliminated one vote before the finale. Yes, there is something to be said for losing with dignity and grace. When we evaluate this jury, however, we see a lot of potential for bitterness if spite comes into play. Christina could light that fire, yet she stubbornly refuses. We respect her for not losing herself in order to win a game and some money, but it robs us of any hope of great television tonight. Christina is the final person voted out of Survivor: One World.

A wonderful moment occurs the next morning. A teary Sabrina opens up about her recent life experiences and what led her to be participate on the show. She is a high school teacher in Brooklyn and we infer from her comments that where she teaches is inner city-ish in terms of educational system. Two weeks before the start of Survivor, she was laid off. One of Sabrina's primary goals on Survivor was to demonstrate to her kids what they are capable of doing. Mission accomplished. Sabrina fundamentally changed the outcome of this season of Survivor, whether she wins or not. We can also say with certainty that she will get at least some votes tonight. We are also confident that this will not be her final appearance on Survivor.

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