Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part II

Perception Is Not Always Reality Part II

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 15, 2012

I would just like to say

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One of our favorite players, Jay, is up next. Poor Jay simply could not catch a break all season, which led to his doing something stupid that directly caused his elimination. We expect the question to involve this, but instead he congratulates his opponents and acknowledges they deserve to be there. He questions Sabrina's work ethic, which she claims was her strategy to remain below radar. This is the Sandra Maneuver. This is all Jay asks, indicating his vote was previously determined.

Michael, the only original alpha male to make the jury (we don't count Jay), is next. As you may (or may not) recall, Michael is self-absorbed. His question focuses upon his elimination, asking Kim to explain the rationale for the maneuver. She tells him something we do not think he knew, which is that Troyzan was only willing to send home one man instead of a woman, that person being Michael. Yes, the grudge that Troyzan had with the original alpha males proved to be one of the seminal schisms in the game. Had Troyzan stayed true to bros over hos, very different people would be in the finale. Michael is mollified by this. We suspect Kim either won or reinforced his vote with this response. He does get preachy and act otherwise, though. Michael, if you're reading this, please (for the love of God) grow up.

All Tarzan intends to do is thank the women responsible for the concatenations (his word, not ours) that led to his wife setting foot on the island. His sincerity rings true here. Clearly, one of the motivating factors that drove Tarzan this season was this visit from his wife. The fact that he managed to last that far in the game makes the whole season Mission Accomplished for him. To our shock, Chelsea stops him from leaving. The woman he aggravated throughout the season offers the kind word here, thanking him for the inspiration that Tarzan and his wife provided her. Chelsea sees them as a real life Harlequin Romance, and is grateful for the way that their love showed her what she wanted in a relationship. Tarzan and Chelsea are both reduced to tears during this discussion, a welcome change from what ordinarily occurs at the final Tribal Council.


Leif also questions his elimination. Kim explains that he was untrustworthy in his voting patterns. She misspeaks when she mentions that due to this, she "didn't feel that bad about telling you to vote Christina that night". Any hope Kim possessed for garnering Leif's vote vanishes. Sabrina probably wins his vote by noting that Kim was the one who made the decision. She claimed that she liked him so much that she couldn't look him in the eye and tell him, admitting that she "punked out" in this manner. Sabrina is good people.

Alicia is next. If anyone would be a heinous bitch at this moment, she is one of the three most likely options along with Troyzan and Kat. Not coincidentally, this trio has been saved for last. Alicia states that she and Kim play the game the same way. She too was a kingpin with her pawns, Christina and Tarzan. The priceless look on Christina and Tarzan's faces speaks volumes about the accuracy of this statement. Alicia continues to campaign, perhaps not understanding that she is no longer eligible to win Survivor. She understands there isn't a redemption island this season, right? Anyway, she makes the (wildly inaccurate) claim that she would be a much bigger threat than either Sabrina or Chelsea, which reinforces Kim's earlier claim that Alicia is delusional. We stop paying attention by this point. Alicia appears to be voting for Kim, though.

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