Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part II

Perception Is Not Always Reality Part II

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 15, 2012

I would just like to say

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Chelsea's celebration largely involves her personal accomplishments. She clearly does not believe she is going to win and so she focuses upon what is important. Chelsea recognizes that she has played with honor and dignity (all of the finalists have, which is refreshing); she also believes that she has made some friends for life. Rarely on the show do we believe this (at least not the plural version). This women's alliance is different, though. They overcame overwhelming obstacles before turning the tables on the men. There were rarely moments of discord other than from Alicia. This is a tight knit group whose bond probably will exist beyond the show. Is that worth a million dollars? Chelsea says yes. We are inclined to agree.

The final camera conversation is with Kim, who is poised to become one of the greatest first season champions in the history of Survivor. Her performance this year is on a par with Yul Kwon, the previous player we believed had the strongest previous debut for a champion. Kim's comments are brief, but they amuse us nonetheless. She discusses the recent ending of her four-year marriage. Yes, some idiot ex-husband has been forced to watch this entire season of Survivor, regretting every life choice that led to his losing this amazing woman. Each episode is another dagger in his heart. Also, if they had stayed married a little longer, he could have taken half the million dollars in the divorce. What a sucker.

Now is the time when the players state the reasons why they should win Survivor: One World. Chelsea begins with an assertion that voting out Leif caused her to reconsider her tactics. She became a harder player from that moment forward, and she apologizes for this callous behavior. Apparently, Chelsea was much funnier in her camera monologues than she was around camp, which is unfortunate. Chelsea is naturally funny. We had presumed her to be Miss Congeniality in the eyes of the other players and, at a minimum, 1A to Kim in this regard. Instead, the body language of the jury reveals she is a cold fish to them, which hurts Chelsea's chances at victory tonight.


Kim's position is tenuous since many members of the jury, particularly Kat and Troyzan, have been bitter and petulant at times. She points out that while many difficult decisions were made, there was a purpose to them. Kim notes that while she likes all of the people in the jury (except Troyzan), she had to remind herself at several intervals that she had only known these people for 30 days. Her family back home could be positively aided by the victory money. This allowed her to vote without guilt. We note that the purpose of this statement is to undermine Chelsea at least somewhat by saying that she could make the hard choices better than her counterpart.

Sabrina, who has already been complimented by Kat in this episode for her public speaking talent, takes charge here. She notes that she does not have the ability to separate the game from real life, which is her way of saying that she is the punishment vote for people who do not like what Kim just stated. Clever. She also points out that she was recently laid off and that she arrived on the show without any expectations. Simply to reach this point in the game is a blessing to her. Sabrina is having a very good final episode.

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