Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part II

Perception Is Not Always Reality Part II

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 15, 2012

I would just like to say

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What happens next is simple. The nine members of the jury will each ask a question, the three remaining players will answer, a vote will be performed and then Kim will be named winner of Survivor. We are not jumping on the bandwagon here, either. Since we introduced the power rankings for this season, we have slotted Kim in first place. She is clearly head and shoulders above the competition. The only way that she could lose tonight is that if the bitter members of the jury (potentially Michael, Troyzan, Tarzan, Alicia and Kat with Leif being a wild card) all convince one another to do the wrong thing.

We suspect that Troyzan is too small a man to vote for someone who has whipped him this completely, so we are expecting his vote to go to Chelsea or Sabrina (more likely the latter). Leif was betrayed by Chelsea and Kim, so he is probably going to vote for Sabrina. Everything else is theoretically up in the air, but we suspect that this group of people will acknowledge who the best player was this season.

Jonas begins his questioning by laying the ground rules. He asks that the people answer by saying, "Yes, Master Jonas." It's a silly joke, but this brief moment of levity sets the tone for the entire final jury. From this moment on, everyone decides to be nicer than expected, which is a refreshing change from previous seasons.


Jonas discusses how much Sabrina sucked during many of the challenges, which is true and she knows it. He does state that if the goal is to elect the most popular person, she would win, which is a fascinating insight into how the men perceive the women. He then mentions to Chelsea that she is "really cute" and "the hottest chick." For a moment, he seems to be on the verge of an I Love You, Beth Cooper moment, but then he gets down to business, asking her what her biggest move was that she can claim as her intellectual property.

A bombshell is dropped. Chelsea confidently states that it was her idea to eliminate Kat. While this may win her Jonas' vote, all it accomplishes is alienating at least Kat and possibly Christina, Alicia and Tarzan as well. The reason they lost is that their numbers dwindled and Chelsea has owned this turn of events as her doing. If they are impressed by it, Chelsea could win Survivor with the claim. Given what we know of these players, however, it is much more likely that she has just secured the Survivor crown for Kim. Jonas also asks why Kim didn't take Christina to the finale; she is honest that she didn't want to afford the jury the opportunity to vote for someone outside their core alliance.

Christina follows by mentioning her interpretation that she was eliminated because she was a big threat. No, Christina. Anyway, the question for Kim is which of the remaining players she would take out of the game and why. Kim honestly states that since she feels she has a better chance of beating Sabrina, she would eliminate Chelsea. Christina then displays bitterness when she asks Chelsea, "Why do you hate people?" Suffice to say Chelsea will not be receiving Christina's vote.

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