Survivor: One World Recap

It’s Gonna Be Chaos

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 2, 2012

Are we sure that's Kat? She never looked that...photogenic.

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There’s only one man left in the game…but Tarzan is a man who is an island unto himself. Let’s take a look at how our remaining Survivors stack up against one another.

1) Kim - On top of dominating the strategic portion of the game, she has now become a threat in challenges as well. Kim was better served staying under the radar a bit. While everyone else is ready to coronate her as champ, we have serious concerns about a blindside, particularly at the Final Five vote.

2) Chelsea - She appears to be Kim’s choice as her opponent in the final vote. We question this, because Chelsea is one of the strongest players and has a solid argument about why she deserves to be champion. She’s been able to avoid hurting feelings and shows real remorse at having to do any double dealing for the sake of the game. If Kim is sandbagged, Chelsea’s chances of winning will be determined by how involved she is in her friend’s ouster.

3) Sabrina - Since she’s been leader of the tribe, she’s taken the right approach and chosen the best people to trust. Unfortunately, her work ethic around camp doesn’t matter much to others and she’s been hit by the fact that Kim appears to be doing all the strategizing. Her decision to approach Christina to tell her she was the “just in case” vote was a crippling one, because her teammates didn’t agree with it and it made them question her judgment. Also, if she makes a move for Kim tonight rather than waiting to eliminate Tarzan first, there could be a perception that she is the cause of the implosion of the women’s alliance. She certainly is in the discussion for Survivor Champion, but she really has to play everything just so.


4) Kat - Yes, Kat would be one of the worst winners in the history of the show. Still, we’ve taken note of the fact that she is making an effort to understand the mechanics of the game. She is also well liked even if she is not particularly respected. Since people tend to have short-term memories, she has a remote chance to pull off a victory in the end. She could be the person people choose when they just don’t want to vote for someone who’s pissed them off. We already know that after his elimination, Troyzan said that Kat will have his vote.

5) Alicia - The only difference we see between Alicia and Colton is a functional appendix.

6) Christina - Survivor is a strange game. Players are respected more when they behave obnoxiously but forcefully, rather than acting wishy-washy. Recently eliminated Leif fit that description, and last week’s Reward Challenge voting demonstrated that Christina has similar concerns. Alicia is one of the worst people in the history of the show in terms of gameplay, individual achievement and (most importantly) personality, but she is more popular within the tribe than Christina.

7) Tarzan - We were amused by Troyzan’s implication that Tarzan barely qualifies as a man, because let’s be honest. The only ally he effectively had was Colton. He watched the men get picked off one by one, never making a serious attempt to stop it. Tarzan is playing to make the final vote, not to win Survivor. These types of players are our least favorite.

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