Survivor: One World Recap

It’s Gonna Be Chaos

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 2, 2012

Are we sure that's Kat? She never looked that...photogenic.

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Kim’s still playing the game, though, and discusses her plans with her sister. She does in fact seem to believe that her best option for the Final Three is to take Kat and Alicia with her. This leads to our favorite quote of the season. “I don’t think Alicia will get many votes. She’s not well liked…but she’s delusional about that.”

As for Kat, Kim has a brutal assessment of her. She says that if Kat did win, she’d be on a show a year later called “How Winning a Million Dollars Ruined My Life.” We call this show Joe Schmo. If you don’t remember it, try Google.

Kim finishes by saying she isn’t sure that she could beat Sabrina and that it would be stupid to take her to the final. Kim’s strongest asset as a Survivor player is a solid sense of self-awareness. Whether she wins or not, she’s one of the best Survivor players ever.

Back at Tikiano, the people who are not getting drunk are seething with resentment. We wouldn’t be surprised if they petitioned to put Troyzan back in the game in Kat’s place. Sabrina is particularly angry, maybe even more so than the people who probably should have been selected to go with Kat for the reward. She discusses the potential elimination of Kat with the people who are with her – Tarzan, Christina and Chelsea. The discussion is actually quite serious, and it’s important to note that Tarzan is fully a part of the talks rather than being on the outside looking in. While the four of them note that their votes are easily enough to get Kat eliminated, Chelsea still plans to talk to Kim and see what they can put together.

Needless to say, Kat’s decision is nothing short of a disaster for her.


Once the reward winners arrive back in camp, Chelsea takes Kim aside to discuss the plan for the next Tribal Council. Kim points out that they should actually take out someone smart like Sabrina rather than target someone as easy to manipulate as Kat. Chelsea seems dubious about this notion.

If the producers of the show are playing “It’s Anyone But Tarzan,” they’re doing it brilliantly. The women seem to have established that their alliance has been strong to the end, and it makes sense to prop Tarzan along to the end. The problem is, this could bring about a Chris Daugherty situation where the women prop along a man to the end and the men band together at final tribal to vote for him. It’s unlikely, but we can’t rule out the possibility.

Probst sighting! Today’s challenge has the Survivors balancing on a log. They must hold onto a bar connected to some rope. Every few minutes, Jeff will crank a winch that lowers them closer to the water beneath them. Last person standing wins immunity.

And hey, Tarzan lasts more than ten seconds. Great job, big guy!

In fact, he’s not even the first person out. Sabrina steps off the log and is eliminated. Alicia and Kat celebrate. Classy.

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