Survivor: One World Recap

It’s Gonna Be Chaos

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 2, 2012

Are we sure that's Kat? She never looked that...photogenic.

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Next out is Alicia, who obviously doesn’t feel like she’s in any danger. Then Chelsea goes, because her hands were actually bleeding. Christina tries to hold on, but is unable to. That leaves us with Kim and Kat, and we’re still thinking Kat ought to hold on for dear life. Kat whines that she wants to win, and says, “C’mon, Kim.” You should never implore your ally to quit.

After the challenge, Kat pouts. She won’t accept help from Sabrina, and when Kim tries to high five her, she isn’t having any of it.

And don’t think people haven’t noticed her bad behavior. Before we cut away to commercial, Chelsea is saying that she thinks Kat’s selfishness throughout the game makes her worthy of eliminating tonight. Chelsea is unconvinced that Sabrina should be the vote at the next Tribal Council.

Interestingly enough, Alicia has decided that Kat is the best option for Tribal Council as well. It’s not because of her bad behavior, though. It’s because Sabrina was the first one out in the Elimination Challenge, and now Alicia thinks she’s beatable. Since Kat made it to the end with Kim, Alicia views Kat as more of a threat. She goes to Kim and says that they need to vote for Kat. Kim is now the lone voice advocating a Sabrina vote. It’s great to be the mastermind behind voting strategy until everyone decides that they want to vote for someone you don’t have in mind. Kim doesn’t have much choice here. If she pushes too hard for Sabrina, the target could switch to Kim’s back. She has to proceed very carefully.


Tribal Council is basically a gripe session about Kat. Almost everyone is in agreement that she behaved selfishly after the Reward Challenge. Her lone defender is Tarzan, who says that she’s so young that she doesn’t understand the importance of picking certain types of people for the Reward. Kat also gets smacked around for the way she behaved after the Immunity Challenge, which makes her wonder why she’s being picked on.

Then, Kat says that blindsides are always “fun and exciting.” This comment (understandably) blows Probst away. Everyone in the group is clearly frustrated with her immaturity. If they do vote for Sabrina, it will have been a very hard fought victory for Kim, because it is very obvious that Kat has turned the tribe against her with her actions.

But…the vote is for Kat, who is absolutely stunned by what has just happened to her. She looks directly at Kim, and it’s clear that she blames her for what has happened. Kat sobs as she walks off the set. In her final words, she says how embarrassed she is to have been voted out before Christina and Tarzan.

Next week, it looks like Tarzan is annoying. What else is new? This leads us to believe that he will almost certainly not be eliminated.

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