Survivor: One World Recap

It’s Gonna Be Chaos

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 2, 2012

Are we sure that's Kat? She never looked that...photogenic.

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Previously on Survivor, we played “It’s Anyone But Troyzan” for an entire episode. Then, Troyzan was voted out. This week appears as though it should follow the same pattern – we just swap out the word “Troy” for “Tar”. The only intrigue this week will be the women jockeying for position once their tribe has completed its methodical extermination of the men.

As Troyzan was walking out last week, he told her to “Do it.” Kat spends the rest of the evening pondering, “Do what?” Way to waste your final words, Troyzan.

The next two minutes feature some of Alicia’s more spectacular delusions. Apparently she’s at the top and in control of this game. Along those lines, we would like to accept our Pulitzer Prize for Best Journalism in Reality Show Writing. We’re sure that UPS will be along with our trophy any day now.

With Tree Mail, it’s time for some Sprint product placement. Survivor is 70% more whorish this season. The Survivors find an Evo phone in a box, which lets each of them hear some words from various family members, who are obviously on the island. Kim’s sister is there, as is Alicia’s. Christina and Chelsea have their father’s there, while Sabrina’s visitor is her brother. Tarzan’s wife is on the island, while Kat’s cousin is her family member…and when they greet each other, it is truly weird. They speak their own language and are obviously very close. We can’t help thinking, “So that’s what it’s like in that family.”


The Reward Challenge has the Survivors paired with their family member to navigate a course where they have to unhook some ropes in a maze-type format. It’s not a long challenge, and Kat and her kissing cousin win. She’s obviously thrilled and has the opportunity to choose two Survivors and family members to take with her. And…she chooses Kim and Alicia, two people who got to go on the Reward last week (and incidentally, Kim did not choose Kat).

Her decision does not sit well with anyone. Chelsea immediately comments that she should have chosen Tarzan and his wife, who he clearly has missed terribly, and Christina and her father, who is recovering from a kidney transplant. For any other person in the game, the choice would have been clear. For Kat, she just wanted to party with her two girls. Problem is, even Kim worries about this choice, because it could have far-reaching impact that affects more than just Kat.

But Kat is just happy to be getting drunk with her buds. She’ll deal with the repercussions later. While we complimented her earlier for showing some surprising recent gameplay ability, her behavior and strategy here are as bad as anything we’ve ever seen on the show. The family challenges are everything. Her botching the choice badly hurts her ability to win the game, and creates hard feelings amongst a majority of her tribemates.

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