The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 16, 2012

Hot for Teach-Fed.

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Even though David and Kim didn’t do the recapping last week, it was still a non-elimination round and we began and ended in Tanzania with six teams. There was a wealth of drama, with seemingly everyone at odds with Team Big Brother’s race strategy and very existence.

In a risky move that is sure to bite me in the rump, the usual deceptive commercials for this next leg have helped shape my power rankings more than I would like. The mere presence of a Double U-Turn this leg has the potential to turn this leg’s placements upside down.

  • (tie)Team Border Patrol Art & JJ and Army of Two Rachel & Dave - First, it took seven legs but Art & JJ finally had an oopsie that prevented them from claiming their usual first or second place. The guys ended up making a dreaded directional error but with that mistake Art & JJ remained in third place. Because the other teams just don’t seem to have a solution for the problem that is "how to defeat Border Patrol," I will keep them at the top but they have to share the spotlight with Rachel & Dave.

    The married couple proved that they don’t need a Fast Forward to take first place (but that slip-up by Art & JJ was definitely to their benefit). The no-longer long distance couple seems to excel despite the recurring bouts of bitterness toward one another. The teased falling out between this team and Border Patrol suggests sneaky game play by Blonde Rachel & Captain Dave, which I believe is that the guys are U-Turned by the married couple. While I understand being angry about being U-Turned, Art & JJ have to understand that they are the most logical target of a U-Turn. Because of that, I am convinced to that they should be first and second in the rankings.

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  • Bopper & Mark - At the beginning of the season, the departed clowns said they would happily rely upon the help of other teams to make it through the race. It seems that Team Justified has adopted the same strategy. Don't forget about the benevolent donation of prize money to Bopper by Border Patrol. Now last week, Big Brother threw them a bone by convincing them to do the easier of the two Detour options. I could see them riding this wave to the final three.

  • Vanessa & Ralph - I put them in the middle because I am split on how to think about this team, Anti-Big Brother. On one hand, I respected that Ralph took the high road last week when faced with Brendon’s middle finger and the subsequent angry exchange. Plus, I can’t dislike a team with a common enemy as me. Our shared distaste of Big Brother is such a common ground. On the other hand, Vanessa got a smidge too "bully-like" when dealing with Bad Rachel. It made it hard for me to root for them when Bad Rachel was embarrassingly outwitted and had to turn on the crocodile tears again. Because of my conflicted outlook, I will put them in the middle.

  • Team Un-Fed Nary & Jamie - A woeful experience setting up their campsite should’ve spelled doom for our fake Kindergarten teachers but they were spared by the nonelimination. Coupled with the fact that they were called out for lying about their profession, last week was not a good one for Nary & Jamie. With a looming Speed Bump in their future, it would make sense to place them in last but the Double U-Turn is bound to be played against the unsavory team of…

  • Big Brother’s Brendon & Rachel - A race littered with histrionics and made-for-reality TV drama has left Big Brother as not only the least favorite among viewers (or at least this viewer right here) but least liked by fellow racers. By winning this un-popularity contest and thanks to last week’s tension-filled layover with TWO teams, Brendon & Rachel are destined for a U-Turn, which leads me to believe that they will be finally going home this week.

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