The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 16, 2012

Hot for Teach-Fed.

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This says to me that the Border Patrol guys are a bit too arrogant in believing that waiting around for 45 minutes just to get water and probably a total walking time of another 30 minutes was quicker than fixing a flat tire on a bike. Either that or they think that Rachel & Dave are so inept that it would take them well over an hour just to fix the tire. Also, I don’t quite understand why they are fixated on Dave for not doing the U-Turn.

JJ then proclaims that they are no longer sharing information with them and they will just do the race themselves to win it. Well, winning this leg at least is going to come down to Team Justified and Army of Two as they run to the Phil and his impossibly white hat.

And first place goes to…Bopper & Mark. Despite limping his way to the mat, they are first and rewarded with a trip to Hawaii. A disgruntled Dave is called out by Rachel on the mat as being a sore winner for only making it to second place. When Dave questions Rachel’s hustle to the pitstop, Mark and Phil both defend Rachel and use their four first place finishes as evidence.

There is no way to prove it but based upon the conversation that Bopper and Rachel were having during the Roadblock, I would like to think that Rachel intentionally didn’t push herself too much, so Team Justified could take home first one time. She knew she could outrun Bopper but just didn’t.


While JJ seethes on the sidelines of the Roadblock, Art loves the beekeeping. He proclaims that he feels like Winnie the Pooh and this is how Winnie rolls. As they run to the Pitstop, Art tries to get JJ to just stop worrying about what happened or didn’t happen at the U-Turn. That doesn’t prevent JJ from continuing to go on and on with Phil about it.

I don’t quite see how they were “screwed” by Rachel & Dave because they didn’t U-Turn Big Brother. Isn’t the point to not be last and both their U-Turning and Army of Two’s NOT U-Turning achieved the same ‘not last’ result. This is the first time I have seen anyone get so pissed off that a U-Turn wasn’t used. It’s usually the other way around and I have to defend the U-Turn element as being part of the game.

Big Brother doesn’t get docked for the lost water and has their clue. While Vanessa & Ralph are filling the last of their water buckets and Team Un-Fed sends their repaired bike on a test run. Big Brother throws Nary & Jamie a bone and lets them know they might still be in it because they U-Turned the divorcees and point them to the pub clue box.

Similar to Joey & Danny declaring they are wearing their lucky sunglasses on the same leg they are eliminated, no sooner does Vanessa say “we have the best luck with cabs” then their cab gets a flat. Mental note: Never say anything is good luck or lucky on the Amazing Race. The universe doesn’t like or reward that.

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