The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 16, 2012

Hot for Teach-Fed.

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Nary & Jamie are given a bit of an open door to catch up but there is still a Speed Bump in their immediate future that they haven’t mentioned, which makes me think they forgot about it. With only 10 minutes or so less, there is a lot of race to still cover.

Luckily (oops…maybe I shouldn’t have said that), Anti-Big Brother’s cabbie moonlights as a NASCAR pit crew member and gets them back on the road quickly. Meanwhile, Brendon & Rachel get their clue at the gallery that sends them to the beekeeping farm. Shortly after, the divorcees give a tinge of hope to Team Un-Fed by showing at the gallery clue simultaneously. Alas, the Speed Bump dashes such hope.

For the Speed Bump, they have to use a display guide to properly arrange around 20 pieces of art. Seems straightforward enough but we will see.

Bad Rachel steps up for her team at the Roadblock and explains her strategy as “respect the bee” but the "bee" could be replaced with just the letter "B" and still apply to Bad Rachel. And she also draws a comparison to Winnie the Pooh that likely would drive Art crazy, knowing that he shared a thought with Bad Rachel. Big Brother is officially checked in as number four.


Ralph reluctantly does the Roadblock for his team, and gets it done without incident. Anti-Big Brother claims the fifth spot before Team Un-Fed are even at the Roadblock, despite finishing the Speed Bump quickly. So, it’s a given that Nary & Jamie are eliminated. And, according to Phil,…

They are. Nary & Jamie are appreciative of the experience and being able to do it with their best friends. We are down to five teams with enough animosity between them for 10 teams.

That hostility appears to manifest itself for JJ next week with Rachel & Dave as the target. Also, Mark struggles with a Bollywood Roadblock. Until next week, have a good one.

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