The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 16, 2012

Hot for Teach-Fed.

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Vanessa & Ralph see Big Brother leave the task and fully expect they too will be U-Turned. The pressure of that situation is boiling up with snippiness toward one another. As Big Brother jogs up to the U-Turn, let’s pause for a second. Here’s my strategy. If I was Brendon & Rachel (which would make me the most self-loathing person ever) and I saw that I was U-Turned. I wouldn’t waste my U-Turn on the petty feud I have with Vanessa & Ralph. Instead, I would U-Turn the team that is clearly in last and still has another additional task to do. But that’s just me. Un-pause.

What do they do? Of course, they U-Turn Vanessa & Ralph. Fools. But that doesn’t surprise anyone. So, doing both parts of the U-Turn are Big Brother and Anti-Big Brother. The situation gets even more grim for the divorcees when they see that Team Un-Fed is also on their way to the Detour. So we are looking at three way race for last place. The U-Turned teams have about 40 minutes of waiting ahead of them, which may be enough to let Nary & Jamie finish Air Supply and get to work on their Speed Bump.

Plus, at this point, who knows what Roadblock awaits them at Margaret’s Farm, as no one has arrived there yet. The line that Art & JJ waited in has grown, which spells good news for Team Un-Fed and bad news for Big Brother and Anti-Big Brother.


So what does Margaret’s Farm have in store for teams? A beekeeping Roadblock. One person has to suit up and collect 500 grams of honey before they get their clue. I don’t think that the producers would be allowed to unleash actual African Killer Bees (or even WWF’s "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair for that matter), so there really isn’t that much risk.

JJ is still going on and on about how disappointed he is in Rachel & Dave but rejoicing in the fact that the Big Brother team will have to do Water Supply.

On the farm, Mark and Dave suit up and start to work on ticking off some bees. Army of Two also learns of the injury that Bopper has sustained and are probably thinking, “Excellent, we stay with them and we will definitely win in a footrace to the mat.”

Water waiting game is over for Big Brother and shockingly, Bad Rachel messes up and drops a jug of water which prompts yelling, crying and the cart being knocked over. This could spell “redo” for them when they reach the house but that seems cruel at this point. Essentially, that would mean they have done three tasks on a single Detour.

At the Roadblock, Mark is the first one done and they get the news that the Pitstop awaits them on foot. That lets the "first place" wind out of Bopper's sails but Mark points out that they just need to do it.

If you have felt deprived of a little drama this episode, here’s your helping. Border Patrol arrives at the farm and are none-too-pleased to see that Dave didn’t U-Turn Brendon & Bad Rachel. As Art suits up for the task, JJ comes right out and asks the married couple why they didn’t do what they agreed. Rachel explains that the “teachers” were three and a half hours behind them, so there really was no reason to do it. But JJ said they did it because they thought that Rachel & Dave were trailing.

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