The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 16, 2012

Hot for Teach-Fed.

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With the likelihood of much unpleasantness between teams on the horizon this leg, it’s nice to see them enjoy the safari ride into town. Every one of them is in awe of how unspoiled this land is and served as a distraction to the race itself. There was genuine joy on these people’s faces.

Rachel & Dave and Team Justified are the first ones to reach the clue and must decide between Water Supply or Air Supply for this Detour. For Water Supply, the team has to head to a specific address and get nine water jugs and then go to the local watering hole to fill them up. The catch is that they have to stand in line just like the locals do daily. This one looks way too time-consuming, especially with the U-Turns in play and predictably on the other side of this task. For Air Supply, they have to go to a local bike repair shop and fix a flat. The catch on this one is that it has to be fixed without removing the tire itself, which means they have to just get the inner tube out and re-air it up to find the leak.

Just as I would, both Team Justified and Army of Two go with Air Supply. Border Patrol is not far behind. They hit the Detour next and somehow rationalize that Water Supply will be quicker. It's something to do with number of holes in the tires and spokes. Last week saw Art & JJ make their first notable error and they keep the streak alive with this choice.

As expected, Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave get under way quickly with Air Supply and seem to be making progress. Meanwhile, the reality of the Water Supply task sets in for Art & JJ as they roll up on the line for the water hole. By their own estimates, they are about 40 minutes back in line but they STILL rationalize that they are going to stick with this task. This is not looking good for our frontrunners.


Big Brother recognizes the difficulty of Water Supply and opt for the bikes also. Do you remember a couple of legs ago, when Vanessa & Ralph failed to see the clue in plain sight in the rug shop? If you don’t, then you get a new example of their obliviousness when they appear to walk right on by the big painted sign with “Hillary Clington Shop” written on it.

Hey, where’s Nary…& Jamie? (That was for you Phineas & Ferb fans.) Not sure because they haven’t left the Pitstop yet.

Here’s where teamwork comes in handy. Team Justified and their blue collar background come through with a speedy repair of the bike. Bopper, his "mechanic hands" and Mark are the first ones out of the Detour. Just a few bikes over, Rachel & Dave exchange their own encouraging words of “jackass” and “shut up” as they struggle to get their repair to hold.

The next clue sends them to a local pub where the Double U-Turn awaits. Unfortunately, Mark is unable to get the local at the Air Supply task to understand his request for directions. But another friendly local points out that it’s about three kilometers up the road. Their lead isn’t too great, so Bopper’s bum knee may give Rachel & Dave a chance to reclaim first place, as they are now finishing up their bike.

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