Survivor: One World Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 14, 2012

You two are being voted out next, but at least you didn't admit to being Colton's bitch.

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Previously on Survivor, a racist was revealed. And his behavior was so unbecoming that somewhere Russell Hantz just screamed at his television, “Why didn’t I do that?” Also, for the first time in Survivor, a tribe won immunity but chose to go to Tribal Council and vote off one of their players anyway. It’s…not a good year for players.

Tonight’s show starts with Troyzan visiting the women and discussing the motivation for the dudes wanting to go to Tribal Council. They ask him whose idea it was, and he tells them it was all Colton. The girls are pretty much tickled to death that the guys have lost their minds, and say they will all stick together no matter what. Since the previews have promised that a Tribal Jumble is coming tonight, we bet that doesn’t hold true.

Early Probst sighting! Before they even get to the Reward Challenge, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs. The tribes will be realigned through some sort of egg smashing process. Everyone looks super surprised, which leads us to wonder if they’ve ever watched Survivor before. Every time there is a gimmick season (old vs. young, etc.), there has been a tribal switch-up relatively early in the game.

The new tribes are:




Colton takes a moment to note that the other team has all the muscle. Unfortunately, the switch isn’t really bad news for him, though, because he still has his merry band of misfits backing him up – the four of them versus the three women. Also, he still has a damned Immunity Idol. Ugh.

There’s also good news for Sabrina, who is not on a tribe with Colton. Besides the fact that she finds him super annoying and regrets ever having given him that idol, she also…well, you know. Let’s just say that even if she were a doctor who founded orphanages in her spare time, he’d still claim that she has to be voted off because of her…profession. What we are saying here is that Colton does not like black people. Also, he’s a dick, so it’s best not to be on his tribe.

Today’s Reward Challenge has the tribes working to fill a giant leaky bucket with water, then transport it across the “playing field” and fill another container until they have enough to raise a flag. The winner gets coffee, creamer, peanut butter, and the like. Also, the winner will get to stay at the “One World” camp, while the other tribe will have to start from scratch. Survivor just negated the entire premise of the season, just like they did in the Old vs. Young season.

Manono gets out to what seems like an early lead, but Salani’s strategy of waiting just a little bit longer to go back with their bucket of water seems to benefit them. They’re also stronger. Manono does get back with a final bucket of water, but it’s not quite enough. Salani’s decision to hold out for more water even to the end works out for them. They get to keep the One World beach and take the goodies with them. Each tribe gets a set of fishing gear, but from now on, they won’t be hanging out together.

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