Survivor: One World Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 14, 2012

You two are being voted out next, but at least you didn't admit to being Colton's bitch.

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Jonas notices that Colton is hanging out with Alicia a suspicious amount. He, Leif and Tarzan are working their asses off while Colton sits around and potentially makes new alliances with the women. It’s the first time we’ve seen anyone say, “Whoa, wait a minute” with regard to Colton, but he still agrees to vote for Christina, which makes us wonder if they’ve already given up on Immunity.

Speaking of Immunity, Kim decides she will go out and find the hidden Immunity Idol…and within moments, she does. She goes to tell Chelsea, and the two agree that they’ll keep it a total secret. While we sort of wish she would have kept it to herself, she at least only told the person who she has truly been closest to in the game.

The Manono tribe is trying to catch their own chicken, and Monica manages to get one in a box trap…until it escapes out the loose wire in the back. She and Christina are both terribly embarrassed. At this point, Colton decides that Monica is a much bigger threat than Christina because she has friends on both tribes now, whereas everyone seems to dislike Christina. He tries to convince Alicia that Monica should go, and she’s onboard until she asks him who’s next after Monica. When she learns that Colton wants to eliminate Christina, she realizes that she’s asking him to align with him and the other misfits. She’s not so sure about that option.

It’s time for another Probst sighting. Immunity is up for grabs, and today’s challenge will have three members from each tribe racing to get a ball that is sitting in the water. Then, they will have to go against three defenders from the other tribe to try to get the ball in the basket.


The first round is pretty much like an NBA Jam fast break. Jay shoves Colton into the water face first, then pushes Jonas down as well. He grabs the ball and throws it to a wide open Mike (because Tarzan is off doing who knows what…thinking about that time he saw Janis Joplin, we presume). Mike scores the first point for Salani…and we think this is going to be a very short challenge. We also think Dr. Tarzan (no, really) writes a lot of prescriptions for himself.

The next round is actually a little tougher, as there are two women per team, plus Mike matching up against Leif. Leif is surprisingly tough in the face of the height disparity, and Kat adds basketball to the growing list of things she can’t do. Ultimately, though, Mike pushes his way to the ball and gets the hoop. 2-0 Salani.

The next round is all chicks, and it’s kind of a battle. Ultimately, Monica actually gets the point for Monono. Naturally, Colton wants to get rid of her.

Next up, it’s all dudes. Colton takes the approach that he will grab the ball and hold onto it…which is great, except that to score a point, you actually need a basket. Eventually, he takes a pathetic shot, but is nowhere close. This lets the Salani guys get the ball, with Mike scoring the third and deciding point. Immunity goes to Salani – and we guarantee they will not be giving it up.

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