Survivor: One World Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 14, 2012

You two are being voted out next, but at least you didn't admit to being Colton's bitch.

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Needless to say, Salani is thrilled with their good fortune. Sabrina is pleased to be with four girls, but even better is the fact that she’s on the Greek God tribe.


“Not only did I get on a tribe with people I don’t wanna be on a tribe with, I’m on a tribe with people who SUCK.” –Colton, who obviously doesn’t see the irony in what he’s saying

Also, imagine what the other Manono people think about being stuck on a tribe with Colton. Well, except Tarzan. Then again, Tarzan’s judgment hasn’t been the same since Woodstock. (Note for people under 20: Woodstock was a concert for stoned hippies. Kind of like Bonnaroo, actually, but less corporate. It’s about the same amount of muddy.)


Colton takes some time to pinky swear with all the ladies that he’s totally with them to the end. Monica, who’s been our favorite so far, just broke our heart. She gives her trust to Colton, thinking that he has to be with them even as she comments that she hopes he’s not some master manipulator who will take the women out one by one, particularly since she’s the strongest player of the three and she’s at the most risk. We…just do not understand why anyone would want to align with him. We don’t even have to illustrate why – he’s done that for us. All they should need to know is that he pushed his Immunity winning tribe to go to Tribal Council.

Over at Salani, Chelsea and Michael are crab hunting, but then the group realizes that there’s a chicken to be caught. They catch it, capping off what may be The Best Damn Day Ever! Troyzan says, “It reminded me back in 1979 when I played cornerback for the Central Valley Bears!” That’s exactly what we were going to say!

Jay, Kim and Troyzan come together to plan some strategy. Obviously, Jay is thrilled to be far, far away from Colton and looking to forge an alliance with anyone else. Strategizing is something people do on Survivor when they’re competent. Jay notes that he’s willing to play the game with the women (read: “oh my God I can’t believe my good fortune”). Kim admits she’s playing both sides right now, but honestly that makes sense. Their tribe should be well positioned to win Immunity unless something goes wrong. She has the option of working with the other three now-Salani women or she can work with the entire Salani tribe as a group. She’s right to be “playing the field,” so to speak.

Meanwhile, there is some “strategizing” going on between Alicia and Colton. He continues to just latch on to someone that he hates, though at least this time he picks someone who’s a threat to him. That threat is Christina, and Colton tells Alicia he wants her gone. She hates Christina, so this suggestion is music to her ears. However, she does think it’s too soon and that their “alliance of four” (Colton, Alicia, Christina and Monica) should stick together for at least one Tribal Council. Colton tries to convince her that they can work with Tarzan and Jonas, but she’s not having any of it. She knows about the crazy shit that happened before the last Tribal Council, after all.

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