The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge, Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 12, 2012

You realize we can't just shoot the other contestants, right?

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Bad Rachel is the first person to find the Tin Lizzie, and the clue that they receive for their trouble is a penny. They will need to decipher from a picture on that penny that their next destination is the Mole Antonelianna, where they’ll ride an elevator to the top of the building to find their next clue.

Amusingly, Rachel & Brendon are trying to figure out if they insert the penny in the car somehow, or if there’s a way to release the clue. Brendon takes this opportunity to tell us that he has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics, and he’s studying for his PhD in Physics as well. We wait for the punchline, but there’s not one forthcoming. Someone check his LinkedIn page, stat!

“Good” Rachel (and Daron has coined that term, but we truly are using that term loosely here) is the first one to figure out that the penny refers to a landmark. She and Dave get directions and then they fight about the best way to go down a one-way road. Her snotty attitude is really unpleasant, though to be fair he’s also incredibly grumpy and letting things get to him more than they should.

Brendon & Rachel are discussing calling it quits, both on the race and with their engagement. We have a feeling they go through these extremes all the time. She’s…dramatic. Then again, she’s not the one who immediately tosses out the notion of quitting. That’s all Brendon. Basically, anyone who has a Rachel on their team is not getting along at this moment.

Bopper takes on the Road Block, but they are way, way behind right now. Good thing they don't have to worry about finishing last this leg, what with this being a non-elimination and all.


JJ & Art arrive at the Pitstop, and probably got their five-hour lead back. They win $5,000 apiece. With the disintegration of some of the other teams, they’re really looking like the domination.

Joey “Fitness” & Danny are getting along fine, though, and they get to the Mole Antonelianna first. They love the elevator ride and the ladies on the elevator. Maybe they’ll love the Detour, too, which lets them choose between “Clean That Statue” or “Name That Salami.” “Clean That Statue” requires them to…well, clean some statues to the point that some dude says they’re okay. For “Name That Salami,” they must taste 14 distinct salamis, and then travel to a market stand to finish the task by naming their meats.

Joey “Fitness” & Danny and Dave & Rachel both choose the statue task, which sounds like the better way to go to us, too. Vanessa & Ralph follow suit. Brendon & Rachel also are on hand, but they’re still fighting for some reason. Brendon asks her why she even wanted to come on the show, at which point she starts speaking in a tone that we think only dogs can hear.

There’s one thing that can bring the two of them back together, though, and that’s the real enemy. That’s right, they run into “the ogre and the triflin’ ho,” and realize that they should be working together against this force of evil (Ralph & Vanessa) rather than fighting with each other.

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