The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge, Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 12, 2012

You realize we can't just shoot the other contestants, right?

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Fake teachers Nary & Jamie are next out, followed by Dave & Rachel. Kerri & Stacy are right on their heels. All of these teams are within an hour of second place, so the only team truly damaged by the bunching is the Border Agent team.

Team Justified arrives at the airport, not realizing that they were supposed to have gone to a travel agent first to get their tickets. Seeing as how it’s nighttime and the plane doesn’t depart until morning, we think they’re fine, particularly since Art & JJ tell them that they need to go back. It’s a decent move from a couple of guys who had determined last week that they wouldn’t be that nice moving forward.

Vanessa & Ralph are last to depart, and they’re over seven hours behind the first place team. Vanessa continues the snark as she makes snide remarks about Bad Rachel’s attire for the day – a sparkly miniskirt that definitely is strange but not out of character.

Team Justified’s error in not going to the Travel Agent first has definitely impacted them, though, because their flight now arrives in Italy about an hour and 20 minutes later. They get on standby for the earlier flight, but this could be a tough break for them. Fortunately for them, we know this is a non-elimination leg, so everything will be all right for Bopper, Mark and Bopper’s sweet daughter. Right, you jerks at CBS?

“Now I know why Italians hate Americans. We’re idiots.” – Bad Rachel, upon observing Brendon and others attempt to traverse the streets of Italy in their [insert automobile product placement here].


The workout warriors take this opportunity to discuss trust issues in their relationships. One states that he dated an Italian woman and couldn’t trust her, which to his mind means that a population of 60 million people is completely unreliable. His ally (recognizing that this sequence is being filmed), mentions that his girlfriend is also Italian and he trusts her, thereby making sure that he’ll be able to continue having sex with her once this episode airs. Now we know why one of them is single and one is not. However, we still do not know which one is Joey “Fitness” and which one is Danny.

Once the teams arrive at their destination, they have to run up a place that looks like parking garage with several floors, but it’s not that. Apparently, it’s a track to the roof of a building where the Fast Forward task is to land a helicopter on a building. Somewhere, Marcus Pollard just got a chill. Fortunately, this does not involve real aircraft, but rather model copters. Basically, this will turn the contestants into those annoying people you see at the mall kiosks.

Art & JJ immediately go to the Fast Forward. The way the things have been going for them, this helicopter may as well be on autopilot.

Thus, everyone else is doing the Road Block, which requires one person from each team to rappel down the walls of the building and retrieve the clue, then get down to their partner. The catch? The clue has to be retrieved within two minutes. If it is not, they have to climb back to the top and start over.

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