The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge, Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 12, 2012

You realize we can't just shoot the other contestants, right?

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Interestingly enough, Bad Rachel handles the task easily for Team Big Brother, and Danny (we think) is right alongside her. The clue they grab tells them that they need to find the Museo Nazionale Dell’Automobile. Once there, they must park using the Active Park Assist feature on their [insert product placement here]. They show a sample car parallel parking, and we are betting they had to do 20 takes to get it right.

Once they have parked, they will need to search for a 1916 Tin Lizzie to find their next clue. If you really feel like it, you can Google to find out who makes the Tin Lizzie so you know which product placement you’re missing.

Dave & Rachel arrive to do some rappelling and Dave wonders if maybe they should try the Fast Forward since he is a helicopter pilot and all. Rachel obnoxiously asks him if he really thinks that he’ll be landing a real helicopter and not a toy one. We do not think that distance has made the heart grow fonder for these two. He dismisses her with a wave and goes down to the bottom to wait for her.

Vanessa is just ahead of some other competitors, but she’s having a very tough time getting down the rope. She misses the time limit so she’s got to go back up to the top. The same thing happens to either Nary or Jamie (we don’t know which one of these two is which, either). Rachel uses this opportunity to jump ahead of them, which hopefully will cheer Dave up a little bit. He’s pretty frustrated with her right now, and rightly so.


Joey “Fitness” and Danny are easy to amuse, because they’re thrilled with the ease with which the car helps them to park. Bad Rachel and Brendon are not similarly joyous, because they’re bitching at each other through the whole parking job. It doesn’t seem to take much to set her off, but then again, that just seems to be her personality.

Art & JJ are still having lots of trouble back at the Fast Forward. It’s not so easy to land a helicopter on someone’s head, it seems. Honestly, though, this probably says as much about the design of the helicopter as it does the guy driving it. This should not be a tough challenge, but it seems purposely difficult.

Back at the rappelling line, Jamie (that’s who it is!) has gotten her clue, and though Vanessa has some trouble, she also finishes. Meanwhile, Art & JJ are off to the Pitstop.

Kerri & Stacy have gotten themselves quite a ways behind the other teams, and they’re just now arriving for the Road Block. It seems that Bopper and Mark are not that far behind them, but that could be a function of editing. Either way, it doesn’t matter who finishes in last place, because we know already that this will be a non-elimination round.

Kerri & Stacy are quickly through the Road Block, but Bopper and Mark are lost. It’s probably not a good sign that they now have some goofy music to accompany their escapades.

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