Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

Everything about her face screams 'Suck it, losers!!!'

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We come back from break as it's time to vote. As I said in my Power Rankings, I think Coach has lost this game over the last couple days. He had a VERY good final Tribal and may have made up some ground. I think that Sophie's underhanded idol story may work in her favor, though. I'm still fully in the camp that believes that when this is all said and done we SHOULD be saluting Coach Ben Wade as the winner of Survivor: South Pacific. But that won't happen. I think we WILL be saluting Sophie Clarke as the winner.

The first vote we see is Cochran voting for Coach. He says that despite all the honor, integrity, love and compassion talk, he played the best game. He says that he shouldn't be apologizing for anything and that if the jury isn't bitter, they should all see who played the best game and it was Coach. Dawn votes for Sophie saying she's excited for her because she's probably going to have a million reasons to smile.

We see no further votes and Jeff will go collect the votes. Sadly, we still don't get the huge production number of Jeff getting those votes to New York. I really think they're missing the boat here. I mean, he could roll through New York, Miami, Vegas...anywhere CBS has a show set and it's free publicity for their other shows...not that they need it. Anyway, Jeff is now at the live reunion and it's time for the reading of the votes.


First vote is Cochran's vote for Coach. Second vote is Dawn's vote for Sophie. We alternate votes until it's three for Coach and three for Sophie. Oh yeah, Albert's there too, but he doesn't have any votes. When the seventh vote comes up Sophie, breaking the pattern, you know it's all over. Sophie is the winner of Survivor: South Pacific. Ultimately, Coach and Sophie played outstanding games. In my opinion, Coach played a better game...but I wasn't there. Sophie is a deserving winner. Not the most deserving, but deserving nonetheless.

Next time on Survivor: another new twist is coming to Survivor Season 24. There will be two tribes living on the same beach. They'll have to build a society together, while competing against each other. Do you share rewards? Do you share supplies? How about alliances when you can talk to everyone? The ultimate social experiment is about to get a facelift and it should be fantastic. Now if they'll just get rid of frickin' Redemption Island and everyone named Hantz...I'll be happy as I can be. I'm sure Box Office Prophets will be there with you every episode of the until then, take care.

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