Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

Everything about her face screams 'Suck it, losers!!!'

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When we get back to camp, it's time to play "It's anyone but Ozzy." Ozzy is thoroughly bummed that he lost that last challenge. He's not giving up, though. He knows his last hope is Coach. He's interrupted by hollers from the other three. Those hollers are because Coach has knelt down and relinquished his Dragon Slayer title to Sophie as Ozzy's the ultimate dragon. Coach breaks the celebration to go talk to Ozzy. As he does this, Sophie thinks there may be a tie vote tonight as Coach may side with Ozzy.

We join the Coach-Ozzy discussion with Ozzy making his appeal to build a fire against Albert. Coach tells Ozzy that he's battling with this decision because he's given them all his word. Ozzy makes a compelling argument for allowing him to have one final challenge against Albert to get into the finals. He hits all the trigger words, including "warrior," "Christian man," and "honor." Coach tells us that he was really hoping this final vote would be really easy. But he's left with another decision that's going to rip his heart out. Which means he's voting for Ozzy tonight. I mean, really, why would forcing Albert into a tie rip his heart out? Bottom line, the dumb move is to allow Ozzy to stay in the game. He. Will. Win. He has to go. Period.


This time at Tribal, as the jury walks in and sees Ozzy without the necklace, they all look like someone ran over their dog. Jeff starts with Sophie asking her how immunity feels. She says it's amazing and that she's very happy to be in this place for the final Tribal. Ozzy says they had a million dollar puzzle today and he just couldn't get it to work. Jeff asks Coach if it's hard to hear Ozzy say he came so close. Coach says that he definitely knows how that feels and it's heart breaking. Ozzy says that he and Coach had talked about forcing a showdown in the finals. Jeff clarifies this with Coach and he confirms the talks of forcing a tie and letting a fire building challenge decide who makes it.

Jeff goes back to Coach's talk of playing a game with honor. Coach admits that he has always talked about taking the best to the end. He says that Sophie and Albert are pretty good players too, but what Ozzy did to get where he is is almost impossible. Jeff looks to Albert to see how he would do at a fire building challenge. Albert says he's ready for it, but says it's similar to saying that he drives all the time, but now he has to race Jeff Gordon. Just because he knows how to make a fire doesn't mean much when he has to do it better and faster than Ozzy. You can see the decision weighing on Coach as they head in to vote. Again, this can only mean he's dumping Ozzy.

We see Albert's vote for Ozzy saying that "pride comes before the fall." We see Ozzy's vote for Albert, with no comment. And we see Sophie's vote for Ozzy saying, "Because I am the new dragon slayer." As expected, we don't see Coach's vote. Jeff comes back to read the votes and when he gets to the fourth vote, he snuffs Ozzy's torch for the third time this season and he becomes the final member of the jury.

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