Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

Everything about her face screams 'Suck it, losers!!!'

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Speaking of, Rick is up next. He talks to Coach about his game of honor and loyalty. He asks Coach if he has anything to say to him and to make it short. Coach says simply, "I apologize." Rick moves to Albert and tells him that the night he took the necklace from Brandon and used the God thing on was a bunch of bull. As he moves on to Sophie, Albert asks if he can comment on that and Rick quickly shuts him down, "No." He asks Sophie why she should win the money and what is her name worth after all her lies. She says that she tried to not lie through this game. She said she only lied when it was necessary to move forward in the game. She also says that his boot was the only thing she's ashamed of during this entire game.

Next up is Brandon. This should be fun. He starts with Coach. He asks him if he has anything to say after promising to never vote him out. Coach tells him that he appreciates Brandon trying to elevate the game. And that his faith was a rallying point for their entire tribe. He says that he really feels Brandon should be sitting up there right now and that he wants to make it up to him. He knows he hurt him. Brandon says that he's hurt, but he forgives him. He asks Albert how he feels about using God to make the final three.


Albert says he didn't do that. He says that he would never have used his God to further himself in this game. He patronizes Brandon a bit by saying that he thanks Brandon for helping him get closer to his God. Brandon interrupts to say that he doesn't feel that Albert is being genuine with him He has one quick question, "Did you know I was going home?" As Albert tries to explain, Brandon cuts him off and asks again. He wants a simple yes or no answer here. Albert tries to explain like six times and every time, Brandon cuts him off wanting a yes or a no. Finally Albert says he didn't know he was going home and Brandon says, "That's all I need to lie." Albert tries to explain again, but Brandon goes to sit down. If anyone was thinking about voting for Albert, I can't imagine they would now. Brandon just shredded him and exposed him for everything he is in one 30 second window. Looks like this is a two-horse race now.

Whitney's up next. She congratulates them and starts with Albert. She tells him he's sleazy and that he buttered people up when he knew they were leaving. She tells Coach that she feels that he used Christianity to manipulate his tribe. She tells Sophie that she is the most condescending person she's ever met and that she didn't get to know anyone. Sophie says that she realizes that and that she thought being blunt and intimidating is just part of who she is. And she's realizing that this is not as good trait as she thought coming in. Edna steps up and makes the best speech so far. She says that they're all there to play Survivor and one of the biggest things in this game is manipulation. And religion is one of the oldest ways to manipulate people. She says they all signed up to be manipulated. They all signed up to be duped. There should be no hard feelings against these three because they did it better. Everyone was duped by them. They were just more successful than the rest.

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