Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

Everything about her face screams 'Suck it, losers!!!'

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This leaves the original alliance of Coach, Sophie and Albert in the final three. Before last week, this final three ends with a check in Coach Wade's hand. But he's taken some serious hits in the last couple Tribals and I'm not sure he can come back from it. One thing I know for sure, Albert can't win this game.

We come back from break as the final three celebrate making it to the end. Coach tells us that getting rid of Ozzy was really a no brainer. He just couldn't leave him in the game. They wake up in the morning to the final three breakfast feast at Tree Mail. They cook, they eat, they drink and they just enjoy that final day moment. But that doesn't last too long as Sophie starts talking strategy for the final Tribal. She and Coach discuss how Albert was pandering to the jury way to quickly and that he should feel lucky to be there. They agree that they have nothing bad to say about each other.

Sophie tells us that her goal is to try to really keep her composure for this final Tribal. She plans to go in more logically than emotionally. Sophie and Albert talk as well. Sophie says she does not plan to throw anyone under the bus, but if it appears that Coach is coming off as the King of the show, she might have to. We interrupt this strategy session for Albert to tell us how he knows that he's played a better game than the other two and that he knows how to persuade well. He says he'll be stronger and sharper because he knows that he played the best game.


One last session of Coach-chi and Coach tells us that he left the first game and was looked at as a fool. So he came back for Heroes vs. Villains and was sent out way too soon. He felt more like the dragon than the dragon slayer. He feels that this final chapter has been a great game for him and he feels like this dragon will arise from the ashes as the ultimate phoenix victor...or something like that. Whoa!!! Just when I was planning my annual bathroom break while they do the "fallen comrades" walk to Tribal...they cut it out this season. FINALLY! Well done, everyone. Let's get right to the final Tribal then!

As always, the Tribal begins with opening statements. Albert is up first and he tells them he's very humbled to be there. He says that this game is above all else, a social experiment. He says that it's a game about people. He feels a higher power brought them all together and he's thankful to have played this game with them and he looks forward to answering all of their questions.

Sophie's up next and she takes a very Sophie-like approach to her opening. She basically opens with a closing. She lists out how she both outwitted and outplayed these guys. She discusses challenge wins as well as gives her take on where she was in the strategic portion of the game. She says as this game has gone on that she apparently hasn't played as good of a social game as she was thinking. But she did play an honest game and feels that she fulfilled all the requirements to be the winner.

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