Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

Everything about her face screams 'Suck it, losers!!!'

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Keith steps up next to ask Coach a question about the immunity idol. He asks if Coach was planning to use that for himself or for the tribe. He says that he planned to play it at the 6-6 merge Tribal. He said that he was trying to get from Cochran who they were going to vote for, so they could play it wisely, but as it turned out, he didn't need to use it at all.

As Keith is getting ready to sit down, Sophie chimes in to "clear something up." She says that the discovery of the idol didn't go down the way the rest of the tribe thought. She explained the whole deal with them finding the idol early and then staging the discovery of the idol when Brandon wouldn't let it go. Brandon is in absolute shock at this revelation. And can I just say, this must be what she was talking about earlier when she said if it looked like Coach was King, she might have to go there. This was cheap and it was low. I don't know why it surprises me in Survivor...but it does. She was every bit a part of the decision making process on this and she just completely threw it all in Coach's and, to a lesser extent, Albert's lap. Chances are, she just won a million dollars by doing it...chances are when she looks back, she might not be too proud of herself for pulling that stunt.


The final question of the night, of course, is from Cochran. He says that he was a huge fan of Coach coming into this and that he really tricked him. He says that he loved the Coach-chi and the thought of being in the final three with Coach. He loved every part of it. But he gets tired of hearing about the "honor" in his game. He says that Coach says "honor" so much that the word really has no meaning anymore. He asks him if he could share his strategy without mentioning the word honor.

Coach says he came into the game wanting to do all the right things. But when you try to please everyone all the time, you end up doing all the wrong things. He says he stabbed a lot of them in the back. He says he's sorry for doing what he did to get there. He knew it was his third and final time playing the game and he wanted to get to the end and every day he would justify his actions. At the end, it just became a mess. He compares it to a deck of cards and how nice it looks, but as of now everyone hates him, his deck of cards is gone and his game is in shambles.

Coach says that he's proven again that he's a horrible strategist. He says that he's not this type of person. He's not devious and he's not a strategist. Sophie jumps in to take fault for this as she was his strategist. Then Albert jumps in to say he was the strategist. And no, I'm not frickin' kidding. It's like a big game of "To Tell the Truth"...they're all sorta standing, then going back down. "I'm the strategist, no I'm the strategist." Thankfully we're all put out of our misery as that's the last question of the Tribal.

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