Survivor: South Pacific

Ticking Time Bomb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2011

Unquestionably the most satisfying moment of the season.

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Hello, good people, did you miss me? Probably not, but I certainly missed you. And, as always, I seem to take the day off when the best boot of the year goes down. Cochran paid the price last week for dumping his tribe and ended up one spot lower than if he'd stayed with Savaii all along. Poor little guy, things just never work out for him. And to make it worse, he has to take on challenge God Ozzy at Redemption Island. At least he'll be off our screen for a little while.

What else happened? Oh yeah, Albert tried to make a move...again. And it failed...again. I'm not exactly sure where people are getting the idea that Albert's such a good player. He's tried several times to change the game and failed every time. Part of being a good player is having your moves actually happen.

Tonight's episode promises to put yet another frickin' Hantz on our TVs as Brandon's father comes to visit. And by all accounts, he appears to be every bit as vile as his brother. Cochran will try to upset Ozzy and Brandon may have finally worn out his welcome. Before we get to that, though, let's check out the Power Rankings.

Coach - 8-1. I don't care what David and Kim say, Coach is running the show. I watch all the Ponderosa videos at and so far all four people out of the game are suggesting that if no one makes a move against him, Coach is a shoe-in to win the money. And they're four jury votes. A lot can change, but if he keeps going, Coach could pull off the impossible.


Sophie - 10-1. #1B to Coach's 1A is Sophie. Sophie is playing a very good game and she seems to be the most in tune with her standing in the game as well as where everything is headed. She is the one to keep thwarting Albert's takeover tries. And she's put herself in a very good position to make it to the end. My concern for her is that she may appear to the players to be playing a very passive game and she may not get the respect she deserves for how well she's doing. At this point, I can't see anyone but Coach or Sophie winning the game.

Moustache - 25-1. I put Rick up in third place mainly because I think he outlasts Edna and Brandon and I think Albert will try to move around too much and will get the boot first. That only leaves Rick to sit as the third member on the final three. The question is, will anyone remember who he is when it comes time to vote for a winner?

Ozzy - 30-1. That's right. I'm putting Ozzy up this high and here's why. He will likely only have to beat Cochran and Edna (maybe Brandon) to get back in this game. If he does and can manage to win immunity (not out of the question) he's in the final. And if Ozzy is in the final, he wins the game, regardless of whether it's deserved.

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