Survivor: South Pacific

Ticking Time Bomb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2011

Unquestionably the most satisfying moment of the season.

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Albert - 40-1. While I could see Albert getting dumped before Brandon, I don't think it'll happen. I kinda think Albert will last to that final challenge and he'll be the last member of our jury. I suppose he could win another challenge or two, but I kinda doubt it.

Brandon - 50-1 I'm sure tonight's episode title "Ticking Time Bomb" is all about Brandon. But I don't think he'll go home this time. I think there's a piece of Coach that wants to make the original alliance of five the final five, which means Brandon gets to hang around for one more vote. One thing's for sure though...his final Tribal question/speech to the finalists should be epic!

Edna - 100-1. The only reason Edna's odds aren't higher is because she can't actually go home tonight. I think she's as sure a boot as they've had in a while. She's no threat to win a challenge and no one wants to keep her around any longer. And the next duel will be another "bye" for Ozzy.

Cochran - 1 million-1. Which brings us to Cochran. I don't think there's anyone who believes he can beat Ozzy in any challenge. He hasn't just been bad at challenges, he's been historically terrible at them. Not only does he not help his team win, he actually helps them lose. With that in mind, the only thing he can hope for is that Ozzy gets eaten by a shark fishing for his final meal.


We begin the show at Redemption Island ad Cochran arrives and announces himself to Ozzy. Ozzy shows no surprise to see him at all and asks him why he doesn't learn. Cochran tells us that in retrospect, his big move wasn't so smart and he really thought he would see some gratitude from the Upolus. Honestly, the big move wasn't a bad move. It was only a bad move because he did nothing to follow it up. He seemed to think he could just sit around and the Upolus would kiss his ring and keep him around because he "saved them." As soon as he made the big move, he should have been seeking out the bottom of the Upolu totem pole (Edna, Brandon, Moustache) and tried to make some moves to take out the Big Three. But he didn't do that, and now he's served up to Ozzy for immediate destruction.

We come back from the credits to Brandon getting ready to say morning prayer. Edna excuses herself from the group saying that since she's not part of the tribe, she's not participating. Uh oh...30 seconds in and it's already time to play "It's Anyone But Edna." She tells us all about how horrible the tribe is and they preach loyalty and integrity and then they treat her like a second class citizen. Um, Edna hun? They have been loyal. They've carried you to the final six despite you giving them absolutely nothing but another vote. They included you in their alliance as the sixth member. You've always been sixth and you knew that. Well, guess what? There are only six of you left...that means you have to go. Now, you can either sit round and whine and bitch about how unfair and mean they are, or you can go find #4 and #5 and try to make a deal. It's your choice. So she goes to Coach to complain about how unfair everything is. He tries to explain to her that they ARE at six, so someone has to go. So she whines and bitches. Edna, you've chosen poorly.

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